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    OCC Zodiac?

    Where on Ohlde's website was this stated?
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    Feeder and Breeding Stock Price Trends ?
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    Urban Oregonians hope to destroy Livestock industry

    The beef check off referendum is a long overdue request for qualifying producers to provide their input on the program. Affiliation with various and sundry association's not required.
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    Urban Oregonians hope to destroy Livestock industry

    I wouldn't bank on it.
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    Urban Oregonians hope to destroy Livestock industry

    Suggest you make your thoughts heard via the referendum.
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    Urban Oregonians hope to destroy Livestock industry The OR initiative is a carbon copy of "PAUSE" in CO. Don't know if this Facebook link will work but this gal sums it well. Never underestimate the determination of the left.
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    Is Bill going to have an Auction?
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    Phenotype opinions wanted

    If you zoom in it looks like a black animal off the horizon line of the bull's back.
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    Help with registering Angus

    In many cases far from it!
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    So tiny! Why?

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    Who's up for a buffalo hunt?

    That will pizz off the enviro's. 😫
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    So tiny! Why?

    There was a spate of reports of Angus itty bitty calves several years ago on a number of discussion boards. Couldn't find anything relevant on the AAA defect page.
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    Help with registering Angus

    Claiming ignorance is no excuse for failing to do your homework and particularly as it relates to "achieving your dream of a registered herd". The AAA and CA Angus Associations provide a wealth of information and contacts.
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    Help with registering Angus

    ksmit454...Purchasing cattle from someone who knows neither their respective sire(s) nor dam(s) IMO is puzzling if your goal was to acquire "really good registered Angus stock". CA has a plethora of respected Angus seedstock breeders all over the state.
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    Optimal time to let a carcass hang

    ~21 days providing the carcass sufficient exterior fat cover and the processor has the facilities to do so & is willing to comply.
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    Best disinfectant to use when cutting calves

    Blue Coat has been around forever. Its claim to fame is as an anti-fungal...and guaranteed to stain everything it comes into contact with an indelible dark blue.
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    Twin Heifers

    That has been my experience too that once a cow has twins she is likely to again. I have one a that had 7 sets of twins in a row with a 268 day CI & she accepted both no fuss no muss. Pretty amazing. Finally caught with her this year...calves were back wards & lost both. Left one dead one in the...
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    Help with registering Angus

    Which begs the question...knowing the breeder doesn't register the calves why would you pursue attempting to register the heifers?
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    Bought Pharo Cattle Company Angus bull

    I acquired an Olde bull decades ago when a nationally known & respected seedstock breeder made good on a Bando 155 son that I'd purchased turned out to have a a deviated penis. Long story short...years later they admitted he didn't have enuff "power" to suit them. Maybe so but the dtrs I...
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    Sick world we live in!

    Welcome to CA. :eek: