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    Possible Liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica)

    Based upon picts I would say you have a real bad issue with coccidilliosis, and a parasite issue. To loose condition that quick and be that skinny. I have fought it a time or two.
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    Sick Heifer calf

    I ended up with heifer, not born here, she is about 4 moths old. i have battled her having the scours. She has been wormed vaccinated, she started off good but 3 weeks ago i notice scours and feed he salt and dried her up , she eats well but just keeps runny poop. No other in her group has it...
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    Best Zero Turn mower out there?

    Bad Boy Mowers, I just bought 11 commercial units last year the best mower my maintenance people have used. My organization has used exmark, grasshopper, kubota, JD. IMO for the money best out there. we went with Gas over deisel because of cost. we plan on keeping for 7 years then replacing...
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    Disc Mower

    I am looking at 3 disc mowers used. Agco 5408 7 disc hesston 3009 7 disc NH 616 7 disc I am leaning toward the AGCO any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Being a Beefmaster fan, I would not cross with the LH, what i would do is a Good char on those, you will add the meat.
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    Calf down will not get up

    Found one at livestock concepts only $70 should be big enough since he has lost weight
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    Calf down will not get up

    Still down, we moved him around the last two days and worked him saturday trying to get him up. He is eating more, peeing more and pooping more, I keep feed and water in front of him. he is drinking about 6 to 8 gallons of water a day now. trying to find a sling to buy so i can get him up and...
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    Calf down will not get up

    I have a six month old bottle baby that well has never really done good. But he is down and will not stand. He sounded like he had trouble breathing so I gave him 6ml of duropen penicillin on Sunday. Been giving him a bottle twice a day, water hay, feed. He is eating, peeing, and pooping. But...
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    Desperate for a bull

    in texas I second that!
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    Selling Herd Bull

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    Selling Herd Bull

    So I had this Gelbvieh Bull now for 3 1/2 years on my small herd, love his calves and his heifers. My question is " What does a 4 1/2 yo bull sell for"? This bull is a moderate frame which is why i choose him...
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    Angus/Beefmaster Question

    I am running a Gelbveih on my beefmaster mommas, very please with the results. having an established commercial herd I would consider a good red bull from like Doyle Barnes out of Elba. He has about 40 years of breeding beefmasters.
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    Cross breeding

    need to be careful, beefmasters have bone, then add the char to the mix, more bone, then add a funnel but to the lot and well you might have lack issues. Both crosses work, but I think staying away from a 3way would be best in this case.
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    Should I steer him or keep my beefmaster a bull?

    For the ones that don't know Beefmasters I would not steer him till 8 months, then you can see what he will be. I have had several bulls that we could walk up to and pet, scatch there ears, a quick pop across the snout breaks them of the space issue.Some beefmasters no matter what, will drop a...
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    Southern Balancer

    Nice, yep seen several looking like that. My Gelb over Beefmasters, gave me that same type looking animal. Glad to see someone else breeding Southern Balancers as well. What size frame is his sire? I went with a smaller frame to start to make replacements for myself. I am planning on a 4...
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    ? For the experts.

    I bought one of his bulls, i love em. Mine is a Do Little son, Johnny bred for Body, Black and Polled.
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    Went to the Sale Yesterday

    thats just it only ones buying were the buyers, not hardly any " Farmer types" I counted 8 buyers. they were taking turns buying, 1 would bid then the other, then next guy would take a few. What bothered me was the Auctioneer more often than not started the price, he would discount the animal...
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    Went to the Sale Yesterday

    I tell you i did not realize just how low prices have gotten. Seems like they are getting lower because of lack of rain here in the south excluding (SC& NC). Lowest I saw was a middle age cow that had been let go .18 a pound. just skinny with horned, most mommas went at .45, Black and...
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    What Say You ??????

    Oh and as far as a Bull is concerned, look up Doyle Barnes in Opp , Al
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    Bull photos for Knersie

    :lol: :lol: Those are good ones I have to write those down and change the team names. I got one thing to say in response, umm "How Many National Championships?" I was a fan even in the Ray Perkins days of 5 in row to Auburn. crickets :lol: :lol: :lol: