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  1. Dixie2542

    Which cattle chute

    Definitely an S04. Same here. We have two. One for each operation with preg cage. Money well spent because it cut down on time from using just the head catch and a wooden frame.
  2. Dixie2542

    % of bulls vs heifers from ET

    Same here. Wanted heifers and all we got were eight bulls and two heifers. Was definitely disappointed.
  3. Dixie2542

    Raising your own bulls

    Elkwc, out of curiosity why did the breeder want to hold the papers? (even if you didn't care) just curious why he'd not just cancel them if sold commercial
  4. Dixie2542

    New breeding season

    I'd like to know too. I liked his look as soon as I saw him but didn't get any info at the time so I passed for using a different bull.
  5. Dixie2542

    Quality Flatbed trailer brands?

    Not yet... had a big ticket item to break that knocked me back a few months so will let know when I do. Good info thanks
  6. Dixie2542

    Fall 2020 breeding, what AI sires are you using?

    What do you like about fate and trust? Have a shorter angus cow with good capacity to AI so thinking od using one of these.
  7. Dixie2542

    Current price trends?

    How did you do? We plan to haul next week a few too.
  8. Dixie2542

    LD Capitalist 316

    I second that. He's been good on just the one we have. I was questioning it at first because she came so very small (yes I was aware of calving ease) but she's held her own and is now a walking tank. Very thick and even bodied.
  9. Dixie2542

    Angus Sires that Fix Utter Qualities?

    Looking for angus ai sires that will fix long teats and utter suspension. The cows Utter isn't terrible but could use some work. I don't want to introduce bad feet or small frames though. Thoughts? Older bulls ok as long as i can the semen. Thanks!
  10. Dixie2542

    Quality Flatbed trailer brands?

    Yea I know there's some bad ones out there like in cattle trailers and all equipment. Def good to know So Thanks! Anyone else out there have problems or love theirs?
  11. Dixie2542

    Quality Flatbed trailer brands?

    K getting ready to buy a flatbed trailer dovetail want 10k axles but may settle for 7. Need to know what brands to look for and what brands to stay away from please. Used is fine. Any options you'd wished you purchased with it or thought was a waste?
  12. Dixie2542

    Fall seeding help needed

    Thanks I feel better as I didn't want to disk if possible. The cows have nubbed this patch down so much that I kicked them out Sunday so thought it would be a good time to toss some seed. Appreciate the responses.
  13. Dixie2542

    Fall seeding help needed

    Ok folks need some advice on fall planting. I'd like to broadcast see over my summer grasses if possible but not sure it will work. Cattle have nubbed the crab grass down to the ground but it is still there but hasn't been growing recently due to cooler temps and almost no rain. My question is...
  14. Dixie2542

    Bad Chinese and Cows on Holiday

    Spoken spot on.....
  15. Dixie2542

    Fall Bulls. 10 months old.

    Also what are they weighing at 10 months?
  16. Dixie2542

    Fall Bulls. 10 months old.

    Who are the sires to both bulls in picture one? Then in picture 3 far right bull in the distance? They look great. Well done on breeding. Very nice looking bulls. :clap: :clap:
  17. Dixie2542

    Ricardo's Law of Rent?

    Yup I'm the same way but I get grumpy....very grumpy
  18. Dixie2542

    Calling all Simmental Breeders

    yea that definitely wouldn't work for us..... i personally don't want to be trying to dodge crazy head hunter during tagging and vaccs. Too old and slow.... :hide:
  19. Dixie2542

    Calling all Simmental Breeders

    I have a question please. I saw some convo on another thread but wanted to expand it a bit because we were thinking of sampling some straws this fall and I wanted some feedback. We are looking to potentially use some red simmental semen but I do not know simmental pedigrees (we are angus/red...
  20. Dixie2542


    Those heifers look phenomenal. What bloodines did you use? Also "Plenty of good grass" is an understatement. That is quite a good field of grass. You guys must have had plenty of rain...what type of grass is that this time of year?