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  1. sstterry

    Kill Date ?

    You might be in for a surprise, I hope not. I have two slots for the end of December I made them over a year out. It may be different in your area.
  2. sstterry

    Kill Date ?

    I would get on that kill date now. They are booking a year and a half out in this area. My guy quit booking because he was full through 2022.
  3. sstterry

    Lady Equipment Auction

    My heifers brought about that same weight closer to the $1.30 range two weeks ago. However, I had one 600lb Charolais Heifer that they docked pretty hard, she only brought $1.10. I should have kept her.
  4. sstterry

    What are you eating today?

    The "Smash Burger" has been around a while. That is the way Shake Shack does theirs. I have made them and it is best to do them outside on searing hot Cast Iron because they will smoke. The best thing is the crust the burger forms. I haven't tried the Onion Burger yet though. Kent Rollins had...
  5. sstterry

    Lady Equipment Auction

    How did they do? I heard that they were expected to be down.
  6. sstterry

    Small business loan.

    There may be some sort of way that they are obtaining money from another source. My bank sent out an email that said the PPP money was exhausted, but they were working with another group for something. I have no idea what that is.
  7. sstterry

    Lady Equipment Auction

    My Uncle bought a tractor from Lady and Son in the mid-90's. You are correct, they used to be really good to deal with at both places.
  8. sstterry

    Ham curing question

    One thing about Sky is that he is always short and to the point. 30 seconds and he tells you all you need t know.
  9. sstterry

    Unruly tenant

    I have a crawler loader that I used to use, I had taken a break from whatever I was doing, and went back to get on it. Just as I got about face high with the seat, I saw a huge copper head curled up on that seat. Not much more loader work got done that day.
  10. sstterry

    Unruly tenant

    I hate snakes with a passion and scared to death of them (stepped on one barefoot when I was 5 years old). But, a Black Snake is a good rodent eliminator.
  11. sstterry

    A chip off the old block

    You have raised your family well Ken!
  12. sstterry

    Is Bill going to have an Auction?

    My guess is they have it all worked out. I heard she is not seeking any spousal support. But I have not seen that reported.
  13. sstterry

    Duracor and Your Health

    My guess is that this is some sort of marketing ploy since this is the user's first post and Duracor is brand new and being marketed as a "reduced risk herbicide". They don't even have the Product Safety Sheet accessible on their website.
  14. sstterry

    Looking for a 29-35hp tractor

    Nah, but it is a real peach of a deal....
  15. sstterry

    Looking for a 29-35hp tractor

    Do you have a boat for sale???? 😆😆
  16. sstterry

    Box blades

    There is a Titan Attachments and a Titan Implements. Two different companies. Titan Implements used to make a HD Box Blade, but not sure if they still do or not. I have one of their Rotary cutters and have been pleased. Edit:
  17. sstterry

    2-4D, Amine or Ester?

    That is why I have been using the Amine. These pastures have well-established Ladino clover. The next ones I spray do not and I will be using grazon.
  18. sstterry

    Multiflora Rose

    There is very little I do that is blood free........
  19. sstterry

    2-4D, Amine or Ester?

    The question on the Grazon is related to a field that has both. I knew the Ester was much more volatile, unless it is specifically engineered for low volitlity.