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  1. branxchar&charx

    Name that Breed

    Hello all! Been a long time since I logged in, took a break, and started lurking again. My brother in law and I bought a few head of cows, a box of crayons really, but this cow has become my favorite, but I am not sure what her is in her woodpile. Her name is Hopefully, posting the...
  2. branxchar&charx

    Just some "Food for Thought" I found interesting

    I would just like to state this is from 2000 and on a world-wide basis. More duck meat is produced than buffalo meat. Never knew duck was so popular. And horse meat being number 13 on that list. first is pigs, then chickens, then cattle, being 88% of the entire meat produced world-wide. And I...
  3. branxchar&charx

    Anybody remember...?

    Anybody remember the old type of format on these boards? Anybody remember "greenmanure" and "oreganian"?(one in the same i believe),(not trying to start anything either) Anybody remember the bickering between Angus and Charolais? Anybody remember Blackpower? just remembering a few things...
  4. branxchar&charx

    Question(s) for the Australian(s)

    I dont know if this has ever been brought up before, but here goes... With many markets being closed to US beef are cattle prices in Australia hitting all time highs? and has the demand for Australian cattle increased?(i think thats the same question?) and has Australia fed cattle parts to...
  5. branxchar&charx

    PETA (joke)

    THIS IS A JOKE BEFORE YOU START TO READ THIS. It came to my attention while in school today that I may actually be a member of PETA. People Eating Tasty Animals
  6. branxchar&charx

    Big Sexy

    As anybody ever seen or used this bull? i got a show heifer that is out of him. she is a real nice looking heifer. a little trouble getting her halter broke and getting her to lead. but im going to give it time, of course, and see how it turns out. got her a week ago so that would explain some...
  7. branxchar&charx

    Oklahoma State University

    I am excited but I dont know if everybody really cares but I thought I would mention I got accepted to Oklahoma State University starting the fall semester of 2005. I got my acceptance letter yesterday. Just wondering where did some of you others go to college at? and I think my cousin is...
  8. branxchar&charx

    What is everyone's choice breed?

    Just wondering what everybody prefers (dont exactly have to own to prefer). Figured i summarize it into a simple poll. i am sure angus is the majority just wondering what some other people like and what else is raised. with the brahman i figured i just put it into one since there are so many. i...
  9. branxchar&charx

    What is everyone's age?

    I am kinda bored really early this morning and was just wondering what some of your people's ages are. Nothing intended. I do not mean to offend anyone just curious.
  10. branxchar&charx

    What is a GURU???

    just wondering, i noticed on some people there is a GURU under their name, whats it mean? a moderator of sorts, maybe? just a side note, it gets pretty bad when you gotta say something is a joke so people dont get all p*ssed over it, no offense anyone, ive had my bad days also
  11. branxchar&charx

    Red Meat- Eat Sparingly.....Will people believe this???

    I was watching the early show this morning on cbs, and they had a person on there saying changes need to be made to the food pyramid, which i am not completely against. This guy emphasized the red meat needs to be eaten, like fats, oils, and sweets once were, sparingly. Is this a good idea? i...
  12. branxchar&charx

    Surprised by this???

    well, i guess those 13 democraps got what they wanted. bush and his administration is going to allow foreign people to come into this country and observe our elections. thoughts on this? THIS IS A MAJOR INSULT TO ME AND SHOULD BE TO THIS ENTIRE COUNTRY!!! (i still support bush but dont...
  13. branxchar&charx

    democrap convention

    call me insane, but i watched about the last 20 min. of clintons speech at the convention on tv. i have tried being opened minded, but if that party is anything like clinton, may God help us all. actually knowing the facts and hearing both sides to almost every story, how can he blow so much hot...
  14. branxchar&charx

    Big Brother 5

    i know many people do not watch this show or shows like it but i wanted to know if anybody watched it today? it pissed the **** off. i swear i was mad for at least 3 hours. im thinkin bout not watchin it ne more. Did anybody watch it and did it make you mad? just curious
  15. branxchar&charx

    What time zone is this?

    is this board on a different time than me cuz i was on here last night and it said i was posting one hour earlier than i actually was?
  16. branxchar&charx

    Ag universities?

    I was wondering where are there other ag universities around that have a vet school nearby that can get a doctor of vetinary (think is misspelled) medicine AND has every possible ag major there is and has all different kinds of classes. Hopefully I got my point across. I already know about Texas...
  17. branxchar&charx

    Need some opions over hay fire

    If a few kids were playing with firecrackers near a hay stack (round bales stacked in rows) and caught the hay on fire and lost about 90-100 bales, what would you do as punishment?
  18. branxchar&charx

    Teenage Canadians

    I was watching the news this evening and Kelly Ogle said his two cents. It was about a survey tooken among Canadian teenagers and about 40% said the US is evil. However, Ogle said he did not know how accurate the survey was and how it was asked and so on. Could this have been from leaders of...
  19. branxchar&charx

    Another EPD question...

    I am having trouble reading my registration papers. I think i got the idea of it but not for sure. what does this mean? the name of animal on top and not for sure what the bottom is DJ REFLECTOR 156879 purebred 7.81 AN 1.56 HO i know what the top means maybe someone can help me what...
  20. branxchar&charx

    COOL and National Animal ID System?

    i was just wondering what do other people think of these programs. should they be mandatory, opinions of pros and cons, etc... i already researched into these really deep and was just wanting more opinions from farmers, ranchers, people involved in agriculture, etc. than the usual few people...