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  1. ksmit454

    Help with registering Angus

    I purchased 2 heifers from a local that has registered stock, but does not take the time to register the calves. He knows the bulls information (as he owns the bull), but is not sure who the sires are to the 2 heifers I bought. He said I can take a blood sample and send it into Angus...
  2. ksmit454

    UC Davis Beef Cattle Information

    Wanted to share this link. All sorts of good information and interesting too!
  3. ksmit454

    Bottle calf - weaning herself...??

    Bottle calf is almost 16 weeks old (I know some wean much earlier than 16 weeks). She was getting 3 bottles a day, then down to 2, and recently I’ve cut her down to only 1/2 morning and night. Now to 1/2 only at night. It’s almost like she’s weaning herself though. She has 24/7 access to grazing...
  4. ksmit454


    Hereford with a single wart on her ear. Any suggestions? I’ll text my vet but also wanted to see what all you knowledgeable people thought and whose had experience with it before. Thanks!
  5. ksmit454

    When will the bawling stop?

    Fence line weaned for 2 weeks now, moved mama and some already weaned heifers to another pasture. She has cried for 2 days now... and paced the fencing trying to get back to her calf. Any idea when she’ll settle down?
  6. ksmit454

    Ear tagging

    I am picking up 2 angus heifers soon. They are out of registered stock so I will be registering them. They do not have ear tags. If I end up showing them, is it ok to tag them with whatever numbering system I want? I guess what I’m asking is this: is it ok to ear tag show animals? I’m completely...
  7. ksmit454

    Weaning preferences

    Began weaning my only cow/calf pair. Not hardly any bawling. Using the fence line method. Everywhere I’ve read says approx 45 days until putting them back together. What’s your personal experience with weaning and putting together later?
  8. ksmit454

    Weaning bottle calf

    About 11 weeks old. She’s still getting 1 bottle AM, 1 bottle PM. And hay morning and night along with a bit of grazing through the day. I bought a bag of starter feed but since she is with the other cow/calf pairs, I have no way to give it to her... I wanted to start weaning soon because she’s...
  9. ksmit454

    Patches of hair missing & flakey skin

    See photos... noticed two clumps of hair gone about 2 weeks ago. Not flakey at the start but it is now and the hair loss areas have gotten larger. I started treating with a salve but it’s not helping much. No signs of any lice. All of my other cattle look fine. Ideas?
  10. ksmit454

    What age is ideal to breed heifers?

    At what age do you breed heifers?
  11. ksmit454

    Is it just me...? Vaccination Q’s.

    Is it just me or do your cattle get a lump the day after vaccination, at the injection site? I just vaccinated with Cavalry 9 about 3 days ago, and my cattle always have a little lump after. Is there any was to avoid this or is it normal? I am new to Sub-Q vaccines. I have always done our horses...
  12. ksmit454

    Bottle Calf - worry about predators @ night

    I have a 7 week old bottle calf b&w face heifer. She is getting big and being turned out during the day with my other cows/calves. I am still locking her up in the barn at night because we do have coyotes and mountain lions in our area. She sticks with the herd really well during the day. I...
  13. ksmit454

    Show Cattle - For Beginners

    I have had beef cattle for about a year and a half now. Herefords and angus. I currently grain finish out beef for clients of mine and have a few cow/calf pairs. I would like to have a few head for show. I would like to gain more knowledge about showing cattle. I understand that only heifers...
  14. ksmit454

    Constipation - Bottle Calf

    I have a month old B&W face bottle calf. Super healthy, sucks down 3 bottles a day. Has 100% access to fresh water, hay (both grass and alf), a salt lick, and calf starter pellets. Lately she’s been having constipation. She’s super healthy and active so I haven’t really done much for it. I see...
  15. ksmit454

    Preventing Hoof Rot

    First encounter with hoof rot today. I have had cattle for about a year and a half and boy am I learning. Noticed a limp, swelling. Got him in the chute and it seems to be hoof rot after sending pictures/info to my vet. Any tips/suggestions to prevent it? They are on pasture so not standing in...
  16. ksmit454

    Curious about hanging weight

    I have raised a few angus for butcher and so far hanging weights have been 798, 858, and 805lbs. What breed have you processed and how much was hanging weight?
  17. ksmit454

    AI School/Certification in California

    Does anyone know of AI schools/certifications in California, Nevada, Oregon? I am in Northern California, just looking for an AI school that is semi-close to me.
  18. ksmit454

    Bottle Calf

    Little heifer black and white baldy born Dec 30th. Ended up being a bottle baby. First bottle calf I have done. I gave her colostrum the first 24 hours, now giving her 3 bottles a day. I followed the directions on milk replacer and it says 2quarts per feeding but the little one had a it of...
  19. ksmit454

    Cattle Squeeze Chute

    Does anyone know what brand of squeeze this is?
  20. ksmit454


    My herd is vaccinated with Cavalry 9. I began with a dose on 2/24/20, and did the revaccination 3 weeks after as recommended on the bottle. My question is, now I just administer an annual booster, correct? And would I administer that booster a year from the initial vaccine, or a year from the...