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  1. Dusty Britches

    Oppressive taxation on the way

    The administration is proposing a $3 Trillion dollar spending package for "infrastructure" and naturally, they say they want corporations to pay for it. And where do corporations get their money from class? That's right - the people! But wait - there's more - they want to reinstate the estate...
  2. Dusty Britches

    That moment on new pasture

    The cows said they were tired of hay and wanted to get onto the oats. They tore down the hotwire and stood next to the oats, which is fenced with 4 strand barb wire. Happy cows and happy bull.
  3. Dusty Britches

    Gap assist

    I have recently fallen in love with gap fences. Especially since I came up with this trick to open and close them and keep them tight. Open: Closed and tight. Top view. The pins are 4" spikes/ nails and the post is an 8". I know this is probably really simple compared to some of...
  4. Dusty Britches

    Corpus luteum

    How do you know if the CL is present for lutalyse or CIDR application?
  5. Dusty Britches

    Snow tracks

    We rarely get snow so I have no idea what made these tracks. Any ideas? The one on the right is about 1-1.5" wide. The scalloping really throws me.
  6. Dusty Britches

    Catching late calvers up

    I have 2 six year old cows that calved about six weeks after the rest of the herd and was wondering what the best way is to catch them up. They are both in excellent body condition (6+) so I was thinking on day 20 post calving give them a lutalyse shot. Any advice?
  7. Dusty Britches

    A couple of Bills

    Here's some bills that were introduced into the US House of Representatives that should concern every one. They are designed to remove state's rights for elections. The summary's provided are innocuous and very misleading. The full text is difficult to read, but I provided the links so you can...
  8. Dusty Britches

    Cruel joke, Maybe?

    In the back of my mind I keep thinking Soros and Dominion said to Clintons and Obama "give us your worst candidates, the ones with the least possible odds of winning and we will prove to you that we can put who ever we want in the White House." Otherwise, I honestly think Tulsi Gabbard would...
  9. Dusty Britches

    The 1776 Commission

    I guess Biden doesn't like it. Biden to Cancel Trump's 1776 Commission Better go grab that report while you can get it.
  10. Dusty Britches

    Planning for Hyperinflation

    With the dollar printing presses running full capacity and churning out bills, I'm getting concerned that hyper inflation will start before the end of this year. It will be time to pay the piper. What are you doing to prepare for itif it is possible to prepare for?
  11. Dusty Britches

    Fence problem

    A few weeks ago we cleared a fence line and started building a new fence. I hired a young man to help set the posts and I ran the wire by myself. I set my end braces with single Hs and they are 290 yards (870 feet) apart. All H brace posts are RR cross ties or telephone poles placed 4 feet in...
  12. Dusty Britches

    Rezilon by Bayer Crop Sciences

    I am getting ready to spray my pastures and I think I'm going to try Rezilon this year. My biggest weed concern is sandburs. (I am going to put out lime, too, to improve my ph in the soil.) With a couple of good freezes and record breaking 7" of snow I think I will only need a preemergent this...
  13. Dusty Britches

    Simple hay unroller

    Many years ago I bought a drag type round bale unroller from a vendor on this forum but I cannot find them anymore. They were out of Waco, TX. Dragging it was actually a pain in the neck for me because I was constantly picking it up, it was difficult to hook into the bales so I modified it to...
  14. Dusty Britches

    Hot wire fencing issue

    7 years ago I put up a "temporary" hot wire that is about 1300' long, 2 strands, and I'm using a Patriot P10 (15 mile) charger. It has 3 ground rods, 10' apart. The charger has a 12V marine battery hooked up. It has worked amazingly well until recently. Until now, the shock was quite...
  15. Dusty Britches

    Long Range Dewormer?

    Has anyone used Long Range? Is it really worth the extra cost? My vet said I'd only have to deworm every 6 months and it helps reduce the fly population.
  16. Dusty Britches

    Blue Lacy Dogs

    Many years ago I inquired about cow dog recommendations and I had very specific requirements. A feller on here from my part of Texas recommended looking into the Blue Lacy dogs and pointed me to a discussion forum. I think his name was Ted. The discussion forum is long gone, absorbed by...
  17. Dusty Britches

    JD 5525 v JD 5420

    Comparing these 2 with similar HP, what is the biggest difference between them? Does the 5420 have a raised center floor and the 5525 have a clear platform?
  18. Dusty Britches

    Baling this late?

    I'm in SE Central Texas and several of us were debating whether to bale one more time before winter or just graze it until the grass runs dry. I'm thinking of grazing until the grass goes dormant, late November early Dec., avoiding the cost of baling. I'm thinking if I baled now, I would have...
  19. Dusty Britches


    Yesterday morning I went out to check on cows and hopefully shoot something like coyotes, hogs, or a nice deer. The cows were all eating the high quality, tasty, sweet smelling hay I'd put out the night before - except for one. She was a long way away from the herd and at first I thought she...
  20. Dusty Britches

    Merange for pie

    What is the best way to make merange (sp?).