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  1. branxchar&charx

    Name that Breed

    Thanks for the replies thus far. My first guess was a Red Angus cross with a touch of ear. No idea why I did not think of a Limo cross but definitely see it now, especially considering I have several others with obvious Limi influence. I wish I had an exact answer but unfortunately I do not. She...
  2. branxchar&charx

    Name that Breed

    Hello all! Been a long time since I logged in, took a break, and started lurking again. My brother in law and I bought a few head of cows, a box of crayons really, but this cow has become my favorite, but I am not sure what her is in her woodpile. Her name is Hopefully, posting the...
  3. branxchar&charx

    Japan- Maybe-- Someday???

    the only thing i aint a gettin is why in the h*ll was the USDA not all over that boxed beef before it even left the US? u would think that they would have inspected every bit of it before it even left the plant, and y a plant like that was even shipping to Japan? cant wait for the USDA to start...
  4. branxchar&charx

    The druggist

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :clap: :clap:
  5. branxchar&charx

    Terminal sire recommendations

    If all the cows have already had at least one calf, I would go with the charolais on the terminal sire. After the first calf, cows usually dont have a problem with a charolais calf, just dont go and pick out a bull with a HUGE birth weight. If you had a chance to look at the bulls that they were...
  6. branxchar&charx

    new calves

    how in the world do you stay in business by losing so many head to snake bites all the time?
  7. branxchar&charx

    Bush's Stance on Roe vs. Wade

    took me a minute, had to read it slooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww too. at least i got this one.
  8. branxchar&charx

    new calves

    Are you sure its not something else besides snake bites? I have never heard of a snake bite killing a cow.
  9. branxchar&charx

    Picking a farm name

    I dont get it
  10. branxchar&charx

    Fall Charford heifer calves

    cow looks very familiar, i think someone came by for a visit to
  11. branxchar&charx

    Big Money Fights COOL

    I stand partially corrected. Hopefully after the Mandatory Livestock Tracking System, I dont know the actual name of it (must of forgot), COOL will be implemented, so it shouldnt be that much of an extra cost to figure out where the animals came from (and besides that, if packers argue they...
  12. branxchar&charx

    Big Money Fights COOL

    i like how this story puts anybody who opposes COOL into a category of we dont care who you, what you do, I'll give you money to save us a few dollars, and we have absolutely no care about how safe our food is, blah blah blah I do support a mandatory COOL program, I just didnt like how this...
  13. branxchar&charx

    Killing herd bull.

    so would it be a bad idea for me to say that i work for tyson, :P what tapeworm was saying and what people are agruing about on here, we had a dicussion of this in my animal science class, how chicken is all contracted, most of the hogs are that way, but its goin to be a VERY long while for...
  14. branxchar&charx

    Another Judge That Needs to be DEPORTED

    and thus, as a result, America will no longer be the "so-called" democracy that it is today.
  15. branxchar&charx

    crash landing (pics)

    that had to have been a sight :shock: :shock: :lol:
  16. branxchar&charx

    What if?

    Maybe McDonald's, Burger King, and everyone else should start up this practice. Who knew? There may actually be some good to fast food. :D(and the CIA, maybe not :?: )
  17. branxchar&charx

    What if?

    and to top things off, when i was in high school last year in my home ec class, we were studying kids and the family and the such, and they actually said in the textbook that government "help" was available if you were to have a kid "accidentally", and if you had no money (really the best time...
  18. branxchar&charx

    Piggy bank after fueling this morning!

    :lol: :lol: that looks like my bank account after i got through filling up the other day.
  19. branxchar&charx

    Killing herd bull.

    but if you have bigger mature weights wouldnt the calf get to 1400#s quicker than if you had a 1000# cow and a 1500# bull. or are the ratios the same when regarding birth weight to weaning weight and the such.
  20. branxchar&charx

    What if?

    you know, #s 1,2,3,5, may not be that bad of an idea i am just kidding i aint that cruel. but if terrorists get there way there is gonna be a whole lot more missing than those. and just a side note, i think within my lifetime we will see the destruction of a major US city.