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    Crawford Guarantee 9137

    Anybody use him yet?
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    Putting power back in the Powerstroke

    I’m needing to put some power back in my 7.3. It’s an early 99 model F350 crew cab dually with 253k on it. It’s factory other than a cold air kit and has a rebuilt trans in it with less than 40k on it. It’s currently a gutless wonder but I really like the truck and I plan on keeping it for at...
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    Power Chip vs Unbelievable

    I wanted to hear others thoughts on these 2 bulls. I have a second calf Angus heifer I want to use 1 of these bulls on. Having a hard time deciding. I like both of them a lot
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    Found one of our heifer calves had a decent buildup of goop in her left eye this evening when doing chores. She didn’t have it this morning. Any suggestions for treatment?
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    Growing a young heifer for show

    I will admit this is completely out of my wheelhouse but my niece asked us last fall to take a calf to the fair this summer. My plan was to have her take a market feeder but her 4H advisor says all market animals must be sold and go to slaughter even feeders at this years fair. I’ve never heard...
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    Shop Electric

    I am getting ready to start finishing a new work shop. I plan to finish the inside in metal (pro rib). I am also installing a new 200 amp service (direct burial). I’ve been trying to decide weather to wire it inside the walls with old work boxes cut into the steel or run it all outside in...
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    Hanging Gates in block wall

    I have to hang a gate on cinder block wall. Any suggestions would be helpful lol. I’ve considered using tap cons and wood. It’s an end wall too, so I can’t drill through and use a threaded j bolt through both sides of the block.
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    Long hooves

    I noticed tonight that the hooves on a group of cows are getting long and curling towards the center (not up). This group gets a 2 gal bucket of sweet feed twice a day (the cheap stuff from Rural King) to keep them coming into the corral. There’s only 3 head in this group. 2 bred heifers and 1...
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    Fence Charger Not Working

    So My feeders are walking right through my temp galvanized fence and getting in with the brood cows. None are getting out of the perimeter but it’s been annoying to say the least. I walked the entire fence line and found nothing touching a hot wire. Now it’s been really dry here lately so I...
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    I have an automatic waterer in one of my barns and it just has a dirt floor. I poured a pad around the waterer (4’x6’) so that they couldn’t back up and crap in it. I’m planning on pouring that barn and extending the concrete another 15’ past the doors for a loafing area. This area is just for...
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    Am I Crazy????

    So I’m a total novice when it comes to AI. I found a gentleman that will board cows and AI them to a bull of your choosing, them blood test to confirm pregnancy. Similar to what folks do with horses. Eventually I may get to the point where I will go through the process myself but to get started...
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    Spreading Manure on Hayfield

    I did a soil test on rented hay ground this past winter and the results were underwhelming. Very low on potash and low on phosphorus. I’ve consulted with my county extension office and applied fertilizer per their recommendations. $$$$$ I’m wanting to start spreading my manure on this hayfield...
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    Red Meat Republic

    Anyone read this one yet?
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    Best Poly Wire with reel

    Just curious as to what everyone thinks is the best poly wire with reel. I’m looking for something that I can use the reel to set tension on the line. Never used it before but it’s flexibility is very appealing. I plan to get more active with my rotational grazing next year and I like the idea...
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    Heat after twins

    Question for the group. I have a cow that had twins unassisted on Black Friday. Both calves came out head first and both placentas were out. She dropped both calves in 15 minutes. Amazing I know. I weaned the calves after 90 days to help get her bred back. She’s had the calves off of her for 7...