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    Is Bill going to have an Auction?

    Could be some land auctions now that Bill Gates is getting divorced. Are you ready to buy a couple sections?
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    Feeder and Breeding Stock Price Trends ?

    Feeder prices are down here, but bull and bred cow prices are up. I sold some bred cows and retained more heifers. Now thinking about selling a few pairs. How do you compare the pricing between different classes of cattle?
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    Tractor Break in after an Overhaul ?

    Planning to use it to haul manure. An tips on first oil change interval or rpms? Have 15W-40 in it now.
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    ND Cows going East

    Seeing some ND breds being sold in MN. Some pairs are consigned for later. Usually we only get the BM western cows, but the drought is forcing herd reductions.
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    Stimulus Steak ?

    Word is we are all supposed to spend our stimulus money on steaks! Chewed out my brother for spending his on fishing equipment. What are you currently seeing for freezer beef demand?
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    Bull & Breeding Costs ?

    Bull costs are up like many things. It appears that a better bull is U$S 7,000 plus. I ran some cost per calf numbers on using AI and then an average clean up bull. It appears an expensive bull is lower cost per calf - - as long as you had enough cows?
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    Boiler Recirculating Pump ?

    I have an outdoor hot water wood boiler that uses up a lot of recirculating pumps. I bought a better quality pump and they suggested a filter or screen. Any suggestions on this, or water additives, or?
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    Hay Acres ?

    The USDA could not find enough corn and bean acres in the latest survey, which killed the beef rally. Rumor is we are going to plant a couple million acres of pot... I also expect hay acres will be going down this spring. Are you seeing any signs of this?
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    TP shortage, again?

    Multiple shipping issues have reduced the amount of hardwood pulp available for TP. Is it time to stock up?
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    No Till Drill Selection ?

    I see a lot of JD 750 and 1560 NT drills for sale in the corn belt. Most were used for beans, some have a grass box. Is there any design advantage to going with the newer 1560? I see quite a few of new Great Plains NT 10' and 12' NT drills for sale in the upper mid west. Some have 3 seed boxes...
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    Retained Heifer Percentage ?

    I have been buying "good" bulls and retaining about a third of my heifer calves. I have a fair amount of variation since these are crossbred calves. What is a typical amount for replacement quality heifers out of a straight bred herd? What are some other ways to increase the percentage of...
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    Universal Basic Wage in 2021?

    I am seeing a wide range of government support for citizens: "one time" payments fixed monthly payments % of previous wages monthly payments Has the US backed into providing a universal basic wage for some groups? Is Bernie satisfied?
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    Live and Internet Auction Strategy

    Most farm auctions here have both types of bidders. Seems like it works in the sellers favor and there are no "great deals." - Most of the pre sale internet bids seem to be a waste of time - - often a couple dollars on small items, and 50 to 70% of value on large equipment. What is the thinking...
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    Net Zero Carbon

    Biden's boys are working on a carbon plan. Rumor is the USDA is a key part. Don't think ethanol is the solution. Bill Gate's new climate book is coming out soon, and he was on 60 Minutes Tonight. He likes fake meat and nuke power. Did you see the show?
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    Corn Stalk Waste when Feeding Bales ?

    What would you estimate as the amount of waste cows leave when they pick through a bale? Any simple tips on how to reduce this waste other than grinding?
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    Wide spread in Tractor pricing ?

    I have been looking at the Tractor House and Machinery Pete data for several low hour tractors. It appears that Dealers often ask for 20 to 30% more than the average auction sale prices. It also appears that the price of newer models of tractors can vary 10 to 20% in different parts of the...
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    JD 4 cylinder E Tractors ?

    Very few M models around here, but a lot of lightly used E series FEL tractors. Been looking at the E specs. The weight jumps from about 8,000 to 14,000 pounds when you move from 5000 to 6000 series. Looks like they all have 4.5 L engines, but the fuel systems vary. As you go up about 15 hp per...
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    Electric Pickups ?

    Sounds like GM busted a move and we are all going to be driving a EV. Biden should be happy. Good thing I am not a corn farmer... Is it time to dump my ethanol shares and buy some solar panels?
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    Meat Cutting Mess ?

    Called to schedule some freezer beef for this summer. They are booked for 2021, but I got a couple spots for July and August of 2022. My steers are 900 to 1000# now. How big will my steers be by then?
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    Family Business Engagement ?

    Trying to take a longer term approach to family engagement in the business. In the past - - we paid an hourly wage for labor and that worked at the time. Recently have discussed a number of other approaches like an LCC or owning specific cows or setting up separate enterprises. Any tips here?