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    Dragging Pasture Fields Yea or Nay

    I’m doing an experiment this year. I’ve drug half of a couple of fields and after about 30 days and some rain I’m going to go back and see if there is any noticeable difference in the grasses. No cows will be put in these fieldI personally like to drag my fields but I’ve read the articles that...
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    Kencove Fence Energizer

    Looking at a 24 Joule Kencove fence chargers for a new section of high tensile fence we put up. Have Gallagher solar chargers on other parts of the farm without power so this is the first time I can use an AC powered chargers. Based on price, output and warranty these Kencove’s look better than...
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    New Baldie Heifer

    We are moving right along with our Spring calving season. This herd is rocking it and had this pretty heifer born this morning poise with Momma for a second.
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    Cruising the Farm for Spring Calving 2019

    Started calving at the end of January. So far so good with our first calf heifers. Hopefully this pleasant weather keeps up. Couple of newbies from an older Spring herd. Some open heifers i hope aren't open much longer if not bred already.
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    Fall is in the air! Fall calving 2018!

    Besides having three sets of twins out of the first 5 to calve things have been going well thus far. Have a ton of heifers on the ground compared to bulls. We will see if things start to even out. 61 have calved out of 130 so almost half way done.
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    Great way to start August!

    First 5 were heifers the last 25 were steers. Big sale with over 3500 head sold. Wean/vaccinated sale.
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    Rain Rain Go Away

    Well when it rains it literally pours around here lately. Wish I could send it elsewhere where needed. This is a 35 acre river bottom pasture I was just about to run some weaned calves in since it dried out finally from our last flood 2 weeks ago. Lost some new Sudan grass plantings behind...
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    Vermeer MC3700 vs. JD MOCO 835

    Any opinions (pros or cons) on these two mower conditioners? Priced almost exactly the same locally, good dealer support for both brands. 12' center pivot style. Vermeer has better finance options but JD might be able to match. Thoughts?
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    First Calf of 2018

    A weee early but healthy and thriving none the less. Hopefully the first of many healthy ones this "spring".
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    Fall 2017 Calving

    1 down 119 to go. First calf baldie heifer AI bred to Knoll Crest Farm Absolute.
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    Continuous Metal Fencing Supplier

    I can get on Goggle and find tons of suppliers for the continuous metal fencing further west but looking for someone closer to Virginia. Anyone have some insight to a supplier in VA, PA or NC maybe? I'm not doing anymore wood boards in my corrals or holding pens, want to start using metal.
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    They did great!

    With a new baby in the household (6 weeks old) we were WAAAY behind preg checking our Fall herds. First herd in the books and this new herd of open heifers went 35 for 35 bred with an apparent (nothing is concrete obviously) 45 day calving length. I'm happy to say the least. May the summer be...
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    Taking Batwing Recommedations

    Kind of looking at Land Pride (which makes a much better mower than they did 10 years ago), Bush hog and Woods since they are all locally sold. I'm partial to Bush Hog I guess but don't have much experience with any of the above. Have a John Deere right now but I'm not going back to Deere...