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    Post-cutting question

    We had a 4 1/2 mo old calf cut on Wednesday. He had a little extra bleeding on one side, so the vet tied that vessel off. Used the “clamp and black and decker” spin-off method to remove the testicles. Tied up one hind leg during procedure. Calf has never been a super-bouncy dude, generally laid...
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    Rear fetlock joints “knuckling over”

    Had a calf last year that did it when walking, hind fetlock joint would “knuckle” than “pop” as heels dropped. He went to butcher, hocks got “poppier” as he aged also. Just noticed it on a steer purchased from same herd as the previous calf (1 year old) and now on a totally unrelated 5 month old...
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    Private sale pricing

    The common place to sell is the sale barn, but for those of us with only a couple, who would probably take it in the shorts at the barn, how do you set private sale prices? Buyers are told to pay “a little above kill” for cows, especially bred. I know what calf prices are. Seems that folks want...
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    Choosing who keeps the jewels

    Ok, first set of bull calves born. One is definitely steer material, the other (to me) looks like he would make a nice bull if someone wants his as such-he’ll get steered, too in about a month if no one wants him as a bull. What are the criteria you use? Pick him apart, please. Very docile.
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    Bull age for fertility

    What’s the youngest a bull calf can breed (even “accidental”)? Going to be AI’ing a heifer and two cows, bull calves will be 5 mo, not yet weaned. Don’t want an oops.
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    Too docile?

    Is there such a thing as calves that are too docile? Small herd, had two bull calves born at Thanksgiving. Different AI sires, but dams are easy-handling (other than day 1 newborns) Commercial Brangus. Both are still intact, prior to their arrival, planned to cut any bull calves about 4 mo, but...
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    Da**%% buzzards

    Saddest sight on our way home this morning-cow in a pasture, standing but may have been in the beginning phases of calving. 30 stinking black-headed buzzards standing in front of her watching and waiting... too many other cows with calves in the field to safely go out there, open pasture with no...
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    Need to moderate frame

    I have this big commercial girl, mostly Brangus, who is so easy-going, efficient on grass, but is bigger frame than my little area can support if more than her of this size. I have her bred to an Aberdeen this year, but wanted to know about other smaller-frame AI sires known for grass efficiency
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    Have a 9 1/2 mo old heifer, 40 days weaned (fence-line) and has a buddy 2 year old steer to hang out with. 2 days ago noticed watery diarrhea, penned her to watch closer-noticed blood-took a fecal in-raging coccidia (300k+/gm!). Got her started on Albon blouses, she is perking up after 1st dose...
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    Weaning question-very small herd

    I have a single 7 Mo old heifer that I want to wean, as dam is bred to calve in November. I also have another bred cow (no calf) and the lone steer remaining from our freezer boys-he will leave in October, to be replaced by two young, weaned steers. It’s hot here in Texas, so I thought starting...
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    Sluggish bred cow

    Tried a search, couldn’t find exactly what I wanted to ask, so here goes. I have a 3 mo bred 2 1/2 yo Brangus cow, central Texas (mid-90’s past 2 day’s), that has been a little sluggish the past 2 days. Backstory-she aborted a 7 mo calf last year, tested her-no cause found, but it was in the...
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    Aberdeen bull freezer camp candidate This guy is 16 mo old. I have likes/dislikes about him. Likes: good depth, good rump and easy fleshing. Dislikes: hocks and pasterns “pop” when walking, narrow across top, unbalanced (head vs body size), additional bad attitude at times. I know these are...
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    Priefert chute score

    Pretty dang happy for now-scored a used Priefert chute with portable carriage for 2k. We’ll see after it’s off the trailer-THaT will be the challenge....
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    For home meat production only-Akaushi?

    I have a super small herd, so AI is all we use. Cows are Brangus with pretty easy fleshing in the time we’ve had them. Curious if Akaushi would be a reasonable terminal cross, or do they mature so much slower or have high grain input needed for reaching their tenderness and marbling potential...
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    Calving ease-bull conformation

    On an untested bull, do you look at ratio of head to body/shoulder size to decide about using him or not? LBW is important, but a big-head/shoulder combination can make a difference too, right? With our previous goat experience, we used to look for skull width as it usually translated to overall...
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    Rebreeding after abortion/bull effect

    We have a 2 year old brangus heifer who aborted 7mo calf in September. She cycled in early October, and we thought bred back to our young Aberdeen (Lowline) bull, as she did not cycle again for 70 days-she has had a super-regular 21 day cycle prior to her initial AI breeding. Well, neighbors...
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    Taking to the butcher-day before or day of slaughter

    I have 2 calves, both about 18 months old, that we are planning to butcher in early February. One is a young bull, pretty calm, the other is a somewhat flighty steer-they havebeen raised together, so will have a “buddy system” to go. The processor is an hour away, and has drop off either day...