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  1. SPH

    Hereford AI Sires

    Here's our 4 Cuda heifers and 2 bulls out of Small Town Kid. All were born between 2/16-2/24 This one is out of probably the top cow in our herd who is a Revolution 4R daughter. Wish I could have got a better pose or angle of her because in person she looks even better than the photo...
  2. SPH

    Hereford AI Sires

    If I recall you posted earlier these were the 1st set of cows you have bought right? If so what is the pedigrees of those Hereford cows as you should be commended for some nice selections. I will try to post some pictures of our Cuda heifers sometime this week after I got through the photos I...
  3. SPH

    Hereford AI Sires

    We had 4 heifers by Cuda as well, actual BW were 67 (out of a 1st calf heifer) 71, 77, and 85. Those last 3 are all cows that have some of the higher BW EPDs in our herd and typically while they don't have huge calves they have on occasion popped out some in the 90's and I know the cow that had...
  4. SPH

    Behm 100W Cuda 504C vs KT Small Town Kid 5051 vs. NJW Long Haul 36E ET - to make baldies

    We've used both Small Town Kid and Cuda. First off like LarzBarz said STK unfortunately came back as a carrier of MD after the defect was announced this spring by AHA. Really disappointed when we found that out because the the calves we have had sired by him have been great - lots of muscle...
  5. SPH

    Boyd Ft. Knox

    I haven't seen anything out of him personally. What are your goals and intentions with any calves sired by him? The one thing that caught my attention in his performance pedigree is 19 progeny yearling measurements with an average 4.8 frame which is a little on the smaller side for my liking...
  6. SPH

    Hereford talk

    If you got banned from that site you may as well just wear it as a badge of honor because many others were shown the door over the years too for no good reason other than you don't agree and conform with the website owner and his buddies views. There is a reason it basically has become a dead...
  7. SPH

    Grey Claves

    I'm not too familiar with Canadian Hereford genetics but based on the registration I pulled up it doesn't look like he has been DNA tested for genetic defects so can't completely rule out the possibility that he could be a dilutor carrier. Although there are bulls on both sides of his pedigree...
  8. SPH

    2019 replacements at a year old

    I think the pictures you have posted are a prime example how on a given day a picture taken at a certain angle and stance the perspective you can have of an animal based off that single photo can drastically change from 1 photo to another. As far as replacement heifers go all 3 look fine to me...
  9. SPH

    Hereford AI Sires

    Thanks, we just turned cattle out to pasture a week ago with the bull after we did a round of synched heat for AI and have had some timely rain here lately too so they have some good eating right now. It won't look that nice later this summer I'm sure but we do rotation grazing so we can try...
  10. SPH

    Hereford AI Sires

    Thanks! Yeah she caught the eye of our AHA field man when he made a visit recent too. Her mother is probably our best cow who has 3 daughters in our herd right now.
  11. SPH

    Hereford AI Sires

    Alright, finally got around to downloading some photos of some of our AI calves this year... Cuda heifer out of a Revolution 4R dam, pair is the 2nd picture. Cuda heifer out of a daugther of the cow above The 2 heifers together Cuda heifer out of a 10 year old Logic daughter (on the...
  12. SPH

    Hereford AI Sires

    We are a very data and results driven herd but measuring scrotal at weaning is 1 thing we never have done. We get all kinds of data at yearling on our sale bulls that if something isn't right like a bull couldn't pass a BSE we'll fatten him up and send him off to slaughter. We usually have a...
  13. SPH

    Bought Our First Cows

    Looks like some nice pairs to start with. Happen to have registration #'s on them? I'm always curious what the pedigrees are on Hereford cattle as I always like to get a visual to go with the genetics behind an animal.
  14. SPH

    Hereford AI Sires

    The more progeny data that gets reported to AHA on bulls the more their accuracy and EPDs will get affected. The one thing I will say though that over the years that trust your eyes and real life data over EPDs sometimes. We do use EPDS as part of our selection process but I will tell you if...
  15. SPH

    Hereford AI Sires

    That is the first I have heard of this bull as I don't follow ABS sires too closely but his pedigree is really interesting. The scurs would be a no go for me but I will tell you the Logic bull on his dam side our oldest cow in the herd is sired by him and I wish we had more cows like her. She...
  16. SPH

    Hereford AI Sires

    For what it is worth our 2 Small Town Kid yearling bulls had adjusted yearling SC measurements of 37.4 and 34 (we had them measured a little over year old so actual was 38 and 35. I really wish we had at least 1 bull sired by Cuda this year to compare with but we got all heifers by him and 2...
  17. SPH

    Hereford AI Sires

    We have used Small Town Kid the past 2 years and got our first set of calves out of Cuda this year and you can't go wrong with either of them when it comes to calving ease along with desirable growth traits. We got some really nice calves last year out of Small Town that had a lot of bone...
  18. SPH

    Climbing cucumber

    I buy the bush variety and put a tomato planter over the mound. It will climb it not overtake my garden
  19. SPH


    This is the same tiller I have. Bought it off craiglist for $70 about 15 years ago and put about $100 in repairs at a small motors shop a few years later replacing some bad gaskets. When I loaded it back up the guy told me he bet this thing just chews up turf as they don't make them this heavy...
  20. SPH

    Baldy calves

    I am under the assumption that probably every breed has some extent of impurity somewhere at this point. Bulls and cows have been finding their ways into neighbors pastures since the beginning of time and they didn't have the DNA testing and parentage verification in the past that we do now...