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    Setting up squeeze chute... what size ally way is best?

    28 inches. Handles virtually any cow or bull. But... it'll be too wide for calves under about 800 lbs... they'll be able to turn around in it; I promise you.
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    anybody try elastomeric roof coating for a leaky trough?

    Had a cracked toilet tank... 25 yrs old... can't find another one anywhere, didn't want to replace the entire toilet (holy cow, those suckers are way more expensive than I'd remembered!). Dried it out good, sprayed a couple of layers of FlexSeal on the entire inside of the tank... that was...
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    Diarrhea in stockers

    Coccidiosis at top of my rule-out list.
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    In-breeding Risk same grandfather & great great grandfather

    Nick, Your supposition that this bull inherited the SCN defect isn't born out by scientific examination. This bull we purchased was, as far as we can tell, the originator of the SCN defect; that is, the mutation arose in him. While his dam and sire were not available for testing when the...
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    Handiest thing I've bought in a long time.

    Bumping this one back up, since it's been 3 or 4 months. Gotta prune up lower limbs on something like 400 20 yr old pecans and black walnuts in a CRP riparian bufferstrip planting... I'm tired of 'em smacking me in the face, trying to sweep me off the tractor into the bush-hog, and bending...
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    In-breeding Risk same grandfather & great great grandfather

    "By keeping my own bulls, I don’t have to worry about things like curly calf syndrome, or fawn calf syndrome, or the next syndrome waiting to be announced, I know it’s not in my herd." No, that's not necessarily true. Genetic mutations occur in all herds; just because you raised a bull known...
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    Long Range Dewormer?

    Here's a decent article, written for the cattleman, with my friend Dr. Christine Navarre, an exceptional food animal practitioner, researcher, and professor as the main source: https://www.beefmagazine.com/parasites/finding-sweet-spot-when-deworming Another one to peruse here...
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    Uterine prolapse is essentially an accident. Those cows no more likely to repeat than any other cow in herd. Vaginal prolapse...she needs a dose of trailermycin; her daughters will be suspect, too. A
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    Weaning, weighing and vaccinating feeder calves

    We did, one year... and were surprised ...and dismayed... to see an average 50# weight loss in first week following separation from cows, even though all calves were accustomed to eating feed, and were penned in a small lot, with free-choice access to decent hay and 5#/hd/day DDG.
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    Worming calves- Maybe a ques. for Lucky P

    It depends... For most of the important nematode parasites of ruminants, they have to ingest infective larvae that crawl/swim up the moisture(dew/rain) film on forages. Like this: A 2-5 month old November to January-born calf on my farm would likely have been 'worm' free at 'turnout' in late...
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    Long Range Dewormer?

    No. Dairy cattle... milk residues are the concern. Essentially, every gallon of milk produced every day for 5 months(or more) would have violative residues of eprinomectin in it, if you used it in lactating dairy cows. Feedlot cattle - I suspect tissue residues are, once again, the concern...
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    Umm...bites all over my butt after sitting on straw bales

    Thanks, hurleyjd! I've learned my thing for the day, now...guess I can go home, now.
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    Fall seeding help needed

    Agree, that the cows will help trample the seed in at seeding, but after that, I'd recommend removing them to allow the overseeded grass to take hold and grow before the cows either pull it up by the roots or graze it out of existence before it has a chance to get established.
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    Cow with laceration

    Here's a basic tenet of wound healing that I learned in veterinary school, over 35 years ago, and I'm sure it hasn't changed... doesn't matter if it's a cow, or your own kid. If you wouldn't put it in your own eye, don't put it in a wound. It's just going to impede healing. Have I squirted...
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    Fall seeding help needed

    You are pulling the cows off, right? If not, nothing you overseed is gonna have as chance... Depending on where you are located, cereal rye/wheat, and annual ryegrass certainly could work.
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    Umm...bites all over my butt after sitting on straw bales

    Probably 'chiggers' or some similar Trombicula type mite; by the time you're itching, the mite has fed and gone...leaving you to deal with your own body's reaction to the mite's saliva. Antihistamines and corticosteroids are the go-to; fingernail polish is useless. So-called 'Turkey mites' are...
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    Long Range Dewormer?

    I'm a veterinary pathologist; I taught parasitology to pre-veterinary and animal health technology students for 25 years, until I retired in 2018, and have tried to stay in front of the curve on emerging issues of parasite resistance and the importance of preserving refugia (the worm population...
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    Long Range Dewormer?

    The only animals you should ever use LongRange on are stocker or feeder steers/heifers that gonna have their heads cut off and never go back to a farm. NEVER, EVER put it in a cow or a replacement heifer, and don't use it on animals that are grazing the same pastures as your breeding animals...
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    Can you plant wildlife plots seeds for cattle and horses to to graze

    Yes. Done it for 50+ years. Cows would get to graze wildlife foodplots after the end of deer season. Just got done discing about 15 acres of crop fields to cover crop for wildlife and spring haying - 50#/acre, each, of covercrop wheat and cereal rye, then overseeded about 15#/acre annual...
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    Neighbors cattle

    Always... #2 first. Just don't go in 'with guns blazing', as I'm often wont to do... Perhaps he doesn't realize HOW bad they look; you'd be surprised at the number of cattle folks who will 'count heads', but not really LOOK at their cattle. Owning cattle does not automatically endow one with...