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    Jedda looks like she's going to be a ripper, she really understands what she's meant to be doing. Hopefully Tilly becomes a team member in time too. You could start her off on the chooks.
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    Shooting Cow....

    We've dropped about 20 head with a .22 rifle and never had an issue, some at a good distance. One shot and instantly on the ground, throat cut job done. If you are not dropping them first shot you are not hitting them right. Their brains are up high and small, 99% of failures are from being too...
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    Shooting Cow....

    I had a nutter bull once, got a mate in with a 22 hornet. Was a fair distance and hit him just under the eye but seems there was enough power to knock him out. Gave him another when we got close to be sure. The meat was extremely ordinary and the dogs got a good share of it.
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    Random picture thread.

    Photo bomb.
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    Asbestos Siding

    Been handling asbestos all my life, so has my dad. Funny how we have gone from carefree about it to so cautious. Before handling spray with bondcrete to seal it. We still have heaps of it in our buildings.
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    Tractor Colors

    I have a tractor with no fuel and no engine, you know, hollow and empty. Sums up my political thoughts.
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    And Now the POTUS and his wife are tested positive...

    True as that is, if he goes down it will cause stock markets to drop and a lot of disruption in trade deals and security while it lasts. We could really do without that right now.
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    And Now the POTUS and his wife are tested positive...

    Apparently he has had a fever for 24 hours now, heading into the dangerous phase. On the flip side to what Farmerjan said, if he doesn't survive this is going to get very real! Fingers crossed he can get through unscathed, the world doesn't need this right now.
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    Things look different

    And might lose the potus too!
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    Things look different

    Smokstak switched to this software a while back so I'm quite familiar with it. Not sure about going from green to brown but everything else looks good.
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    So let’s hear it

    I will tell you what i think, the blame lies firmly on the shoulders of WHO. They have been corrupted and went against everything they were there to do. Whatever President Trump did after that i don't think has change the inevitable that much. The next problem i see the United States has is...
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    Always good to get the first one under the belt

    I think it's always a bit tricky when you don't have enough numbers to do to keep your practice and touch up. And wow, watching the embryologists do their thing is a whole other level, basically for us getting past the bladder is like them getting through the cervix.
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    Air Compressor won’t stay running

    If it's better in the cold i would suspect the coil if it has one.
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    1/4 cc straws

    99% of what i use here in Australia are ¼cc and the only ½cc i use come from the states. Apparently the same amount of swimmers in there. From memory you need 2 million swimmers for successful a.i. and a straw holds 20 million. Can't really think there are any differences in using the different...
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    Mushrooms good or bad

    But aren't mushrooms vegans meat?
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    Waterer Rise Tube

    Is that similar to this, this is how i clean out mud from the bottom of my bores, this bore is 300ft deep and it sucked the mud out no worries. https://youtu.be/95LVVe7OpRM
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    Heifer for inspection/critique

    Lovely cow, nice feminine head, well balanced body, nice teats and what looks to be a good udder. Tail head was my first thought too but of course no animal is perfect. She does look a bit lumpy but that most likely is just condition in transition. Nice angle and length from hip to pin. I would...
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    What’s the best way to wean?!

    Not sure if this link will work but you can adjust the width for nose...
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    What’s the best way to wean?!

    If you ask me the best way. That's how we did it for thirty years and never had an issue. Now i only have a few cows and like to wean and grow the calves on i use the flaps, put in for four or five days then seperate, any longer and they figure out how to drink around them especially when they...
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    Waterer Rise Tube

    I'm not really understand how you have it set up as it's not a system I'm familiar with but a small hose with compressed air stirs up silt pretty well.