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    Whats the deal with Grazon

    There were two versions of Grazon. Grazon P+D (the original Grazon) is no longer manufactured by Corteva (formerly Dow). I believe it is off patent. There are generics available manufactured by others. Still a restricted herbicide (license required). Grazon Next HL is still available from...
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    Notifications for threads - Angie?

    @Jeanne - Simme Valley - Maybe this will address the notifications. Click on your account name at the top right of the page. Select "Preferences". You will get lots of choices to enable notifications. Turn "push notifications" on. Turn on everything and you will gets Lots of notifications...
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    It's getting crazier

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    War on Agriculture

    Problem is that many of those people from those failed states bring their opinions and beliefs with them and slowly become activists in their new states. Not recognizing that they are trying to convert their new state into a version of their old failed one. Some of those people will purchase...
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    Anybody heard from Fence?

    Have not seen Luke on the board in about a year now. Luke is pretty high tech with those EVO drivers. Fence seems to be the expert in pipe and in rough and rocky conditions. Always enjoyed to hear what both had to say. Hope to see Fence posting again soon. When I read a Fence post, I don't...
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    How in the world do u get processing right now?

    Reminded me of Bigfoot's post on people identifying as an animal. That is enough to make you want to wear a mask and disinfect. https://www.cattletoday.com/threads/self-identifying-as-an-animal.123584/
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    How in the world do u get processing right now?

    HaHa. Will we soon have a futures market for trading processing slots? Or maybe it will be Mafia controlled. Could include toilet paper as well. How did we ever get to this point and how do we get out? Will things ever be normal again? At least we don't have gasoline shortages yet.
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    Trenching with Subsoiler

    When I built my house, I needed about 1700 feet of water line. I used a skid steer with a rental 6" wide trenching attachment. Plenty of HP. Target was about 2 feet deep. Ground was heavy clay. I was not even close to trenching that in 2 hours. More like 8 or 10 hours. When I tried to go...
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    SAV Resource died today

    Sure. I just used that assumption to remove any differences in milk. Impractical to think that anyone would have 50 full sisters and if they did they would still not be genetically equal. Just for illustration of my growth point on EPD calculations. You make a good point for those who tend...
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    Poly hay ring any good?

    Agree. Bulls will let their boredom lead them to bad behavior. Turn them over, push them into the woods, turn them on edge and roll them around. The poly rings are light weight. Have not had any damage. One thing I will point out. If you use a hay spear on the front end loader to move the...
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    SAV Resource died today

    Good point. I mentioned my comments were a simplified explanation. My thinking - If the 50 cows are all genetic equals, then their milk contributions are equal for my simple made up example. Main point I was making was that high numeric weaning weights of calves do not guarantee high ww EPD...
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    Our sale calves

    Very nice. Hope they sell well.
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    SAV Resource died today

    This is a simplified explanation. But it is still somewhat complicated. WW EPD calculations are not based on the actual numerical weaning weight. They are based (and change) based on the differences in weaning weight of the calves in a contemporary group based on who the sire is. If there...
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    Cow with laceration

    Sometimes I am amazed at the deeply held beliefs some people have in regards to animal treatment. I heard a purebred breeder (He has sold $5000 bulls) say that when he sees an animal that "doesn't look right", he gives it 1cc of Draxxin as a preventative. Regardless of size or anything else...
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    Fall seeding help needed

    I over seed with rye grass. No disc involved. Just broadcast with a 3 ph spreader. I have mostly fescue, but some patches of bermuda grass. I broadcast in the bermuda and where the fescue is a thin stand. I try to broadcast prior to a predicted rain or just after. I broadcast in November...
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    Hello from S.W. Missouri

    Welcome to the forum!
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    War on Agriculture

    It is disheartening that a governor would do that. Even more disheartening to realize that he was duly elected - majority of the voters wanted such a person as governor, I assume. Then the comments at the bottom by our fine citizens. WOW! In cattle, we talk about moderation. Not chasing...
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    Long hooves

    Here is a scoring chart on feet for angle and claw. Five is ideal.
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    War on Agriculture

    https://www.drovers.com/article/western-governor-odds-agriculture This is what we face. A governor who appoints an anti agriculture person as the state Ag Commissioner and a vegan activist to the Veterinary Board. Who would have thought we would "progress" this far?
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    Daughter's herd

    I know color in of itself should make no difference. But, I love seeing red cattle. Especially when they are such good quality.