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    Covid-19 deaths

    I personally know 3 people that were on their deathbed before covid hit and were listed as covid. 1. Drank more than a 1/5 (actually 2) a day. In hospital 3 months hadn't eaten since, pulled out is support system and died in 36 hours. Death by covid. 2. Prostate cancer 4 yrs did everything...
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    What are you eating today?

    Steamer clams and fried oysters and a salad! Got away to the Hood Canal and raked up a little grub.
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    What are you eating today?

    rib steak, beans and the boss wanted shrimp!
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    Show your calf pictures.

    7th calf for this cow.
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    West Coast Fires

    3 houses burned within 5 miles of me yesterday morning, all caused by electrical wires. Sad for the family's.
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    Covid 19 vaccine............

    I don't think so!
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    What a difference!

    yes I'm in line to talk to a surgeon my daughter works with,
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    What a difference!

    Yes and so was 6 months of therapy.
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    What a difference!

    I've been doing therapy, acupuncture over and over for 4 years. Finally got a MRI 2 herniated discs and a ruptured disc. The steroidal injection into my spine was a godsend. Finally had a good night's sleep,6 in a row !!
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    Raising a steer for beef questions...

    Around here its $100 kill fee and .65-.70 cents cut and wrap.
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    July 2020 Contest

    At least you weren't wearing pajamas like everyone else!
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    Why cant we get smart.

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    Price, live weight - finished beef

    We sell for $3/lb hanging wt,buyer pays cut and wrap and slaughter.
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    I had company stacking hay

    No grandkids for me, but I was adopted by twin 8 yo girls 4 years ago. I'm officially Uncle Scott Scott and I love it!!
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    4H steers 2020

    It's too bad for the kids, Nice steers. We're going to buy a couple pigs from local kids to help out.
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    Anyone in Eastern Washington State

    Maybe an AI tech could help you, I know one in Yakima. Scott
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    Rolling road block

    We spent the night in central Oregon at Richardson's rock ranch once, on the way in 5 potloads of calves were coming out. We had to camp 100 yards from 450 or so momma cows without babies! :oops: :oops:
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    I can't imagine my attitude if I was attacked by the opposition on everything I did!!
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    How long do the big processors let their carcasses hang?

    I had AI class at a packing facility in Wisconsin, I'm pretty sure they were in boxes going into the freezer within 8 hours. Most of them weren't on the ground longer than 4 hrs.
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    Has anybody received a stimulus check?

    Got ours this morning!