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  1. ccr

    Stupid heifer

    Good looking heifer.
  2. ccr

    October calves!

    Murray nice calf. What is noassatall?
  3. ccr

    Da**%% buzzards

    We have that problem here. The other day a cow had twins and took off with one of them and the other stayed where it was laying down. Within just a few minutes there were 5 of them sumbitches on fence post by the calf. Them mexcan buzzards ain't to scared, but we were able to chase them off and...
  4. ccr

    In Texas; Is the sale price of land or personal property public knowledge?

    A Deed of Trust is not a conveyance of land like a warranty deed. It is a record of the agreement between the buyer and the lender. As far as the appraisal district not knowing what the sales price is, if that is what was being asked, the appraisal district uses comparable sales to appraise...
  5. ccr

    In Texas; Is the sale price of land or personal property public knowledge?

    Deed of Trust filed at the county clerks office is public record and would show amount financed.
  6. ccr

    It's getting crazier

    Bigfoot, should go ahead and call the sheriffs office and let them know this mentally bent sumbich is out and about. Many flags flying around here. The left is full of hate and are angry, mostly due to the media on the evening news, local news, npr, cnn, msnbc and other sources. During the...
  7. ccr

    And Now the POTUS and his wife are tested positive...

    0-19 years old - COVID survival rate: 99.997% 10,000 x .00003 (.003%) = 0.3 people under 19 not 3 people Many bring forth a problem, but few bring forth a solution.
  8. ccr

    How Long to Keep Calves on Grain Daily?

    Steve, not sure this is a valid question, but how can a person tell the energy amount from the feed tag on the two listed below. Thanks.
  9. ccr

    Hello from S.W. Missouri

    Thanks for joining. Look forward to your post.
  10. ccr

    Photo contest October 2020

    Shell thanks for doing the photo contest.
  11. ccr

    Farm Fest next weekend!

    Fire Sweep sorry for the lack of moisture in your area. Looks like a good time to have an excavator clean out them ponds. Last time we had a bad drought we cleaned out the pond and it help out a lot in later years when we were dry and also catching fish.
  12. ccr

    Pickups Then and Now

    I remember as a young kid learning how to drive in a pickup with a floor starter. Truck died on a hill and starting with a foot on the brake, a foot on the starter, and a foot on the gas pedal (that's the way I remember it, about 60 years ago).
  13. ccr

    Real Handy on the farm

    littletom, that is a great question and topic starter. For me I think it is the cab tractor. No dust, no over spray of chemicals, no heat, no cold, and it's got a radio.
  14. ccr

    Building a lean to roof

    Looks good. What are you using for the floor? Looks like 1" rock/base and then a cover material.
  15. ccr

    Trailers (top-hat)

    I follow them most of the time in the trailer (20') and close the middle gate, but don't feel real good about it sometime. On our trailer you grab the middle gate and slam it, and it shuts most of the time (sometimes a little squeeze is necessary). Loaded some bulls that I didn't even think...
  16. ccr

    Training collar.

    I'm no trainer, nor have any cow dog training experience, but the way I understood it to start out was on a 20' leash working around the cattle and go from there. They need to be obedient (sit, down, stay, come) prior to much cattle training. Just my two cents.
  17. ccr

    Extra hay options

    Sounds good to me. Don't know about the quality of the hay and how much would need to be spent on supplemental protein.
  18. ccr

    From Our Trip To British Columbia

    Bez, all photos are great but that first one of the eagle in the air is amazing. To be able to catch a shot of a bird in the air like that and perfect focus is very impressive. What kind of camera does she use and was that shot auto focus ? Thanks.
  19. ccr

    Logan, Ohio & paranoia?

    He jokes a lot. https://youtu.be/f3vF8WvJT_4?t=5
  20. ccr

    Logan, Ohio & paranoia?

    Can't imagine why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73KDtznNrC8&feature=youtu.be