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    Hedge Apples

    :ROFLMAO:...mine rear up on their hind legs in order to pluck the bounty.
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    How much trouble should I expect?

    Couldn't agree more with Jeanne's comments. Genetics ultimately determines bwt wt/calving ease. Restricting nutrition in the hopes of eliminating calving issues is fool hearty and asking for a wreck.
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    Chimney repair

    Having lost my home to a chimney fire a number of years ago I'd have a professional do an inspection and abide by his recommendations.
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    Steer Calves Video

    Deserved accolade sir. (y) If memory serves correct and based on the calf color your Simmental bulls are Fleckvieh? Used a fullblood decades ago (Bar 11 Ueli x Apricot.) Calves were impressive but bwts killed a few cows. Hand full of retained dtrs were impressive on all accounts. Mandatory RFID...
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    Steer Calves Video

    (I thought I'd posted but it seems the web gremlins ate it LOL.) Dandy calves. Noted what looked like RFID buttons...are they optional or mandatory in Canada?
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    Another awesome farm-to-table tour

    WHOO HOO...:love::love::love:(y)(y)(y)
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    No milk

    A Pic of the pair would be helpful. Might be she's a one & done. Does she have any teeth? Suspect she & the calf need a lot of TLC/extra groceries. Udders can fool you but softball size on a newly freshened aged cow isn't encouraging. Good luck.
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    That Jedda is that keen at such a young age is an understatement! You're gonna have to be on your toes to protect the little scamp! Tilly is cute as a bug's ear! Have to respectfully disagree with Red about suggesting you start her on chooks. All the fan fare about "tinning" chooks aside, (...
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    How in the world do u get processing right now?

    Tip of the iceberg.
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    How in the world do u get processing right now?

    These folks are who I deal with. Their Facebook info is decidedly not up to date. Guessing their sentiments are typical of a lot of small processors around the country. https://www.facebook.com/ElmiraLockerService/ No way their ancient facility would pass inspection but I trust them explicitly...
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    How in the world do u get processing right now?

    Unless you're totally out of touch with reality its abundantly clear the packers and USDA are in collusion to discourage/eliminate small/local processors i.e. any form of competition. Capitalism is assuredly not alive nor well.
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    Bovi-Shield Gold FP5 VL5 HB Recall

    Appreciate your input Ken. In addition to the bulls I've historically vaccinated the breeding females because I've never had the luxury of being isolated from neighboring bulls. Was pleased when over the years both Killed & ML "Pregnancy" vaccines incorporated a vibrio component here in the USA...
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    Bovi-Shield Gold FP5 VL5 HB Recall

    Thanks for the concern! Trust me after all the compliance hoops I've jumped thru thus far for this particular Zoetis vaccine boondoggle, he$$ would freeze over before I'd return the "replacement" product(s) :rolleyes:
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    In-breeding Risk same grandfather & great great grandfather

    The old adages about inbreeding/line breeding come to mind including if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.
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    How in the world do u get processing right now?

    In the mean time those of us located in areas where processor's are scarce as hen's teeth are sheet outta luck.
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    Bovi-Shield Gold FP5 VL5 HB Recall

    Update...the replacement product for the discontinued Bovishield Gold FP5 VL5 HB I purchased arrived yesterday. Was the BS Gold product without the Vibrio component and additionally a 50 dose bottle of their Vibrin. NOT a happy camper. Instead of one shot I'll have to give two.That ain't the...
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    Bovi-Shield Gold FP5 VL5 HB Recall

    Zoetis contacted me about the recall shortly after I'd recently purchased the product. Call customer service 1-888-963-8471 to express your concern & get further info. I wouldnt use the product without verifying the serial numbers are good to go.
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    Bovi-Shield Gold FP5 VL5 HB Recall

    Bad news for those who use this Zoetis ML product. Supposedly a problem with the adjuvent. Off the market indefinitely. Getting compensated for my recent purchase has been confusing & complicated.
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    Cow with laceration

    Brings to mind the copious dose of salt treatment for Pink Eye. 😝
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    Cow Longevity

    Thanks for the response. Figured you meant chumming but wanted to make sure. Regardless of breed or environment, training cattle to willingly come/comply when called is an art.