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  1. TexasJerseyMilker

    Driving Home Naked

    One thing - it helps to have small female hands when reaching inside a ewe to untangle the legs of three lambs so they can be pulled.
  2. TexasJerseyMilker

    Pac 12 now down to 4 teams.

    Well, Oregon States women's basketball team, the Lady Beavers are still there
  3. TexasJerseyMilker

    Double trouble!

    Inga has never destroyed anything, never got into the garbage. She shortened my bathrobe belt when she was a puppy. Recently a porkchop thawing on the counter disappeared. She disappeared a bear from the yard. She also made some drug crazed homeless bums disappear on their own volition.
  4. TexasJerseyMilker

    Driving Home Naked

    One hopes driving while naked not to be pulled over by the Sheriff.
  5. TexasJerseyMilker

    Driving Home Naked

    I actually did drive around naked with a doctor boyfriend one night on the local back country dirt roads in Texas. Medical professionals have to have some way to release the stress of their work.
  6. TexasJerseyMilker

    Pocket Knife Poll

    I have very big pockets.
  7. TexasJerseyMilker

    Double trouble!

    "Vet looked at me like I was crazy when I asked about another vax administered without consent during her stay there. Saw the nurse about town the other day and she said they have to give a kennel cough shot to stay there. " 4Hfarms, kennel cough shots take a week to be effective in...
  8. TexasJerseyMilker

    Respect ?

    I worked in ICU and ER trauma center. Nurses did use the term FUBAR. My hispanic charge nurse refered (privately) to a patient as a pendejo. I asked what does that mean? He said It means F**king idiot. I looked up the word in Spanish dictionary and it actually means a single pubic hair.
  9. TexasJerseyMilker

    Anybody trap anymore?

    In the Texas piney woods I would sometimes hear the baying of hounds in the 1000 acres of creek bottom. I heard that the custom of the hunters was to let out the dogs, go into the woods, build a fire, cook bacon and drink whiskey. They would enjoy the music of the hounds, then go back to their...
  10. TexasJerseyMilker

    Old toys that you thought were really cool

    I got a chemistry set for Christmas. Used up all the sulfer in 2 days making stink bombs. I never went for dolls and girly toys, too boring.
  11. TexasJerseyMilker

    Respect ?

    In the 45 years I have known the man I eventually married he has never onced cursed or used obscenities. Although he admits to this when working cattle with other men. Also in the CoastGuard there was a lot of cursing.
  12. TexasJerseyMilker

    Whats wrong with Simmental cattle?

    Here in coastal SW oregon commercial herds havea lot of 'Smokies'. They are part Charlais part Angus. Many black cows have refinement and have some Jersey in them for extra milk. People raise what works in the area. The yellowy blonde cows have some Sim too. There are some Sim cows on this...
  13. TexasJerseyMilker

    What would you do?

    Bought the original DVD. Don't want to see any other than that. It is branded on my heart, I'm a Texan.
  14. TexasJerseyMilker

    LGD Discussion

    Wolves kill the donkeys too. This is what species covered for compensation for kills by protected wolves in the state of Oregon-"Livestock" means ratites, psittacines, horses, mules, jackasses, cattle, llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats "Working dog" means any animal of the species Canis familiaris...
  15. TexasJerseyMilker

    Daily Chuckle

    Coyote Challenges Never-Grows-Larger One time Coyote, bounded across the prairie and saw Never-Grows-Larger, the smallest snake, sunning on a large, flat rock. "You are tiny," Coyote said. "I would never want to be as little as you. Look at me. You should be as big as me." Never-Grows-Larger...
  16. TexasJerseyMilker

    LGD Discussion

    In Oregon the wolf packs kill so many LGDs the government has a repayment plan for the ranchers.
  17. TexasJerseyMilker

    Respect ?

    I've always wondered- what do people like that use when they REALLY NEED a curse word? I just read how Warren took care of a filthy mouth lout at a dove shoot he hosted. Please read Sthrncwboys post in /toughest-atheletes-toughest-men-period-in-the-world/ post # 32. That is a real southerner.
  18. TexasJerseyMilker

    Respect ?

    So they are easterners. Thanks. The west coast guy down the hill in Oregon was not angry, just talking with a friend about car engines. He has always used polite words around me . So he has some sense of respect and politeness. I am just astonished to hear such filthy talk. One time in there...
  19. TexasJerseyMilker

    Toughest atheletes...toughest men period.... in the world

    Here's some real courage
  20. TexasJerseyMilker

    Pays to live a mile from the farm

    The only calves I've ever sold were half Angus taken off a Jersey cow. My husband's beef cows bawled overnight then forgot about them. Jersey cried for a week.