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  1. J

    Calves for the spring

    I live in North Idaho and raise a Holstein bull calf or 2 every year for my family. I always have trouble in the spring finding a good source for the calves. I like to get day olds as I have goats for the milk (and am low on larger chunks of money for the older calves!). Is there anyone near...
  2. J

    Pacing TWH

    I have a TWH that paces horribly to the point of pacing the lope (if you can imagine that!) It's kind of a cross-fire in the lope only really, really bad! Looks pretty funny! I've done some flexing exercises with him-nothing real consistent. Any ideas on how to get him to lope normally?!
  3. J

    Horse Shows

    My question is: with fuel prices so high, anyone cutting back on showing this year?
  4. J

    white muscle disease

    Just a reminder to all who live in selenium deficient areas...ALWAYS make sure your calves get selenium (can be gotten as Bo-Se from the vet in single doses or a bottle). White muscle disease is a horrible way for a calf to die. I just had one die of the muscular form this past weekend. When...