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    Can't we all just get along?

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    Cowboys & Pres. Bush

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    Recommendation for a book on raising cattle.

    storey's guide to raising beef cattle. can't remember the author's name.
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    Thoughts of an American

    great post
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    College prof

    Please let your son and his comrades know that words cannot express our heartfelt thanks and goodwishes. We will continue to pray for them and to lend our support in whatever ways are possible.
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    The Bill of Non-Rights

    Yep. Nuff said!!
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    to sell..or not to sell..and eat??????

    Agree w/Dun, also sometimes the trouble makers make the tastiest steaks.
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    Joke of the day section

    Make sure you let them know what a great job they've done, they would love to hear the words.
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    The Truth

    Our prayers are with you and your son, may he return home safely.
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    Quick death

    Seems likely that their hearts stopped beating.
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    Looking for Start-up Advice, What to do?

    talk to your local extension agent about pasture grasses and pasture preperation for your area.
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    Latest Polls-Bush and Iraq

    Subjugating other nations and forcing them to become members of an Empire. If we did that then Germany, Italy, and Japan would all be subject to our will, and not just political pressure. We could have also had France and a host of other European countries as subjects instead of allies.
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    Should you have to Register to Post?

    Make everyone register to post.
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    Latest Polls-Bush and Iraq

    As far as the Japanese sensibilities go, who cares, they are a vanquished nation and should act like one. They are lucky that we are not a nation of empire builders, or they would be a provincial holding paying taxes to support our way of life.
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    A True Southerner

    Heard some fella on the radio the other day singing this song and asking somebody to paint him a burnin ham??
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    Bush Supporters

    If Spain gives in to the terrorist then they are a nation of wimps and deserve to be controlled by animals, or thrown into anarchy. I think that Bush has been too easy on the terrorist, they only understand the language of violence so that is the langauge we should speak. All Terrorist should be...
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    FDR gave us Social Security and Welfare, WWII brought us out of the Depression, we are stilll trying to recover from the other two. Anyone who thinks that the people exist for the benefit of the government is an idiot. No one should pay taxes to support another individual, if I wanted to support...
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    Bush Supporters

    maybe he thinks in the Kerry years we will run our vehicles on Ketchup. ALso probably thinks that Jefferson didn't mean it that way. You have once again applied a conservative interpretation instead of the correct liberal one.
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    Bush Supporters

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    Guvmint and how it fails

    We'll keep on until we have given away every right that we have, but we'll be too stupid or too apathetic to care. As for the seat belt law-the studies are available that prove their worth for saving human life, if you choose not to wear one then you are being stupid, and the government should...