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    Tempting fate

    We don't count eye guards
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    Tempting fate

    And now that deer season is over I saw 3 bucks bigger than this one before the day was done. One was just on the other side of my house. A huge bodied 3 point (8 point for you easterners) with about a 25 inch spread.
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    Current price trends?

    Last I talked to B we didn't have a yearling contract. But I see he is buying some calves. I am wondering about the spring and early summer pasture availability. I am pretty sure cow pasture is available. Not so sure about yearling pasture. I need to catch up with B and figure out what is...
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    Tempting fate

    I took an inferior buck out of the gene pool. Here is one that got left to carry on. Given another year or two and he will be a real buck. I haven't seen his papa yet this fall but with all the does around here he is going to show his face soon. But this guy was really tempting fate. I was...
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    Current price trends?

    Well since I last posted on this thread calf prices have dropped considerably. In the last two months the price is down over $100 a head with light calves really taking a beating. Cull cows are off nearly 10 cents. It is probably getting close to time to jump in. Just need to decide which...
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    Handiest thing I've bought in a long time.

    How long is the bar?
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    Hard Winter for Canadians?

    Got to thinking about it. Generally this time of the year I see a fair number of motor homes and pickups pulling big travel trailers that have BC plates headed south. I haven't seen a single one. I hope they enjoy the winter.
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    Hard Winter for Canadians?

    I don't know. The two times I went to the doctor this year I called and got an appointment for that day. Nobody else and no time at all in the waiting room. Now the weekend would be different. It is a 65+ mile drive to the nearest urgent care. I have driven by our hospital on the weekend...
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    What are you eating today?

    Canned venison in gravy on mashed potatoes and green beans. The fresh green beans are the last ones of the year out of the garden. The potatoes came from our garden. The deer was shot in the field just west of the garden. Washed it down with water from our spring. Truly a home grown meal.
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    Granddaughter got one

    My daughter in law sent me a couple pictures of my son and his 10 year old daughter with a dandy Columbian Blacktail buck. It is the girls first deer. It is a mature heavy horned 3 point (you easterners would call it an 8 pt). It would probably be in the top 5% of the blacktail bucks shot in...
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    Grazing Alfalfa

    Bloat blocks or bi carbonate soda mixed into the minerals.
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    Handiest thing I've bought in a long time.

    I know that I have lived and worked in a different world than the rest of you. But if it runs off a battery is it really a chain saw?
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    Elk hunting

    Elk hunting 2.0. Well I still have an elk tag in my pocket. Once again I could have shoot a nice bull, actually it was 3 bulls to choose from this time. This time the elk stalled out just short of getting to me. Neighbor J's daughter got one where they stalled out at. Her first elk. A...
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    Selling Grass-Fed Beef

    Last spring I bought an open young cow which I had ground into burger. She cost me $635. The slaughter and processing cost $633. She hung up 650 pounds. Figuring boning one out and grinding you lose 50% from hanging weight. So that would be 325 pounds of burger. And guessing from all those...
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    100% of the inputs, what % of the calf crop?

    So all he does is own the cows and pasture them for 4 months in the summer. What is the value of the summer pasture and a % of return for his $ investment in the cows. The rest should be your portion.
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    Elk hunting

    Talked to neighbor L this evening. The great elk ambush II is on for Saturday morning. He said to be sure to wear my mittens. The weather forecast for that morning is 16 F. I hope the wind isn't blowing or that the elk get there right quick.
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    It's getting crazier

    A friend of mine in Nevada came home to find a typed out note taped to the door. It said we know which candidate you support. If they win we will be back. Better have your home owners insurance paid up. We didn't start this civil war. It was longer than that but I don't remember all of the...
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    An early morning move.

    A good dog sure does save a lot of work and they are happy doing it.
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    Fall is in the air

    Here on Sunday the low is predicted to be 14. If we end up elk hunting that morning it will be a bit chilly standing on the ridge, especially if the wind is blowing.
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    Grazing Yearlings in 2021

    I have found that if start with a 450 pound calf and a 350 pound calf with a target weight of 850. When the 450 reaches the target weight the smaller calf should be 100 pounds behind. But it very rarely is. More like 150 or even 200 pounds back. It takes more time and money to grow out those...