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    Beginner night vision on a budget

    Thanks so much for the help Brute! If I lay my hands on one I will let you know how it works. 450 has a visible IR and longer distance 455 is invisible IR but a shorter distance. Thinking I want invisible, you have any thoughts on that. Not likely I would be shooting more than 150-200 yds...
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    Beginner night vision on a budget

    Brute thanks for all the help. I am leaning towards the Pulsar Digex N455 if you got a chance to give me your thoughts on it I would really appreciate it. I will try to do a link but I am not sure it will work. Thanks...
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    Chimney repair

    You need your skinniest grandkid, a rope and a bucket! Not sure how they fix them but I know they fix them here all the time. Sure a chimney sweep could fix you right up or tell you how if you want to DYI. Can’t help but think there is a sleeve available somewhere.
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    Beginner night vision on a budget

    Ok thanks. What is the difference between digital night vision and thermal if any? I see lots of N 450 models for sale, would that be a similar quality product? Sounds like it from the description but again I am a total novice. planning to mount it on a Model 700 in .243 or an AR thoughts on if...
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    Beginner night vision on a budget

    Is there any thermal/ night vision for hopefully less than $1500 that are worth having. Don’t need video or anything fancy just want to be able to see/ shoot things that go bump in the night. Got a lot of coyotes here getting closer in on the cattle all the time and neighbors have had some...
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    100% of the inputs, what % of the calf crop?

    If you charge a fair amount for your time he will owe you more than the herd is worth in short order. If you quit being on call for free he might learn a whole lot about cows quick or make you an offer because he will realize he can’t handle them. Does your consulting/ being on call extend well...
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    An early morning move.

    Love those pics! Weather looks nice in my book but my wife says NOPE!
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    It's getting crazier

    Would have at the very least turned the dog loose when he started running his mouth. He could of chewed on him while they went for help. Sounds like time for a lesson “ this is an 870 and it works like this”. I hope he doesn’t resurface when you aren’t around for another chance to express his...
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    Giant Bermuda first cut.

    Looks nice, those cab tractors will make you soft! Sure are nice tho ain’t they.
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    Anybody heard from Fence?

    Good to have you back around.
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    Clearing saplings and cedars?

    From what I can tell from the pics I think a skid loader would do just fine. Pushing up 8-10” trees if you catch the ground right isn’t to hard at all with a good size machine. Species and soil type do make a difference though.
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    Quality Flatbed trailer brands?

    Like Cfpinz said I just bought a 12 ton Diamond C and it is hands down all they advertise them as and the best trailer I have owned. They are pricey though, I use mine everyday and that is the only way I can justify the money. I also have a 7 ton Delta and a 10 ton Kaufman. I have had several of...
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    Brayan Zavala do you know who he is

    Probably not I didn’t until I stumbled on the story this morning. No riots, no media coverage nothing at all really just a blurb on the news. Sad sad place in this world when this can happen and he is just one of many. Injustice is a real thing here in this country but the police aren’t the bad...
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    Anybody heard from Fence?

    Maybe he is busy or just needed a break but haven’t seen him on in awhile. He always has some good advice and shoots straight on what he is thinking.
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    Elk hunting

    How goes the hunting? I would love to do a backcountry elk hunt but can definitely see the draw to dropping one under a pivot where you had tractor access.
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    Clearing saplings and cedars?

    A track skid loader would fix that place up in a hurry. Brush cutter most of it then push up the big stuff. Stack and burn or pile up to rot. You would be amazed how much you could get done with just a couple of weekend rentals.
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    Stirring it up

    My vote will always be Ford and their 3.5 eco boost has really impressed me. I think any of the big 3 are pretty comparable right now in quality and features. Back seat in a GM seemed really cramped to me. Toyota’s are gas hogs but good trucks the couple of people I know with Nissans have had...
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    Diesel help

    If it wont turn over fuel shouldn’t be your problem at least not all of it. Missing electricity somewhere along the line. Safety switch, key switch and batteries as said would be the place to start. Electrical issues are the worst.
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    And Now the POTUS and his wife are tested positive...

    I believe the last politician that told the truth was Davy Crockett talking about the first bear he killed.
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    And Now the POTUS and his wife are tested positive...

    Are you suggesting information about this virus would be manipulated for political purposes surely you jest.