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    First calves this year

    I need to send you some real good baldies. :D you'll never go back. In Finland we had Continental boom in 90' . Most of the new herds are now heading back to British based. Some do believe in continentals, but they work hard at calving season. Also all the restaurants have Angus on their menu as...
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    First calves this year

    Nice calves. You don't have much snow. We have about 50cm-80cm. About the calving, I think dairy and continental breeds doesn't work well in cow herds. I prefer Angus x Hereford cross cow with terminal bull. Continental breeds need too much time to develop for breeding. Belgian blue is...
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    USA: A Ground Beef Nation. Challenge for breeding programs?

    Meanwhile in Europe: ... -best.html :D
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    This will hit us hard. Market is full of pork and milk products. Prices will go down. Let's hope this will end soon.
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    Calving in Alberta

    Thanks, Sounds familiar. We don't have it warm, but the daylight is 24 hours in the summers. Winters with out the sun feels toooo looong. I'm starting to use alfalfa in my hay mix and a bit new to this. what variety do you use? our winters are cold (-30c), I've been told that Canadian...
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    Calving in Alberta

    Your climate seems to be similar to ours. How far north your place is? Do you have dry summers? Do you grow grains? what grasses and legumes do you use at pastures and for hay?
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    Finally new calves arrived

    Do you farm organic or normal methods? I think you have there excellent opportunities to run beef farm. Are areas naturally grasslands? I'm more familiar with Estonia, but i think Lithuania is quite similar, if I'm right? I think my place is about 1000km north from Lithuania and our spring is...
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    Be the judge of German animals

    In France they get 250€/cow beef cow subsidies. We get 40-60€. Ich Wissen nicht wie viele du hast im deutchland. A good cow weans more than 50% of their body weight. 600kg cows 200 day old calve need to be about 300kg in my environment. Bull calves can be near 400kg when summer is warm and...
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    Be the judge of German animals

    Limousin, Charolais and Blondes don't have much milk. That is why the poor udder. Also In France it's not suitable to breed heifer under 2 years old. They need to develop a year longer than normal good cattle. The most famous show breeders have cows BIG as two normal sized ranch type British...
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    Blonde d'Aquitaine, allow me to introduce our breed.

    Blondes are used mostly for crossbreeding here north. Pure Blondes cows wont work here. They eat huge amount of feed in below -20. Also they don't last long. Some extra years if bred at 3 years old. Biggest breeder here uses Hereford cows to calm down the Blonde herd... But when used as a...
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    This afternoon

    For what weight and grade you will get 3,07€/kilo? Good price if for O2 standard.
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    Double Muscled

    European countries eat horse meat, but it's sold as beef. ;-D I thinks it's really expensive to support continental breeds and those double muscled beasts. They are heavy cattle around here. 900- 1000kg+. Especially Simmentals. Their feeding requirements and over all doing-ability is poor. Also...
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    We Northerner Europeans are blondes with blue eyes... We are white because of the skins ability to collect vitamin-D. Pale skin does it better. Sun shine is quite a news here. Last year only handful of sunny days and winters sun is so far away that you cant see it in the darkest months. In the...
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    Need opinion

    Quite small carcasses, We need to grow them to 350 kg to get the best price. Yield also better the price, but with these grain prices, it's easier to lose less money by feeding less .
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    Need opinion

    One heck of a Angus bull. I had big cows once. They ate all my money... downsizing the herd. Better results in a long run and smaller risk.
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    What do you think about this bull

    Most important thing in beef production is a good structured, easy cow with low maintenance. When you select them to be big and muscular, you will some day end up with punch of problems. I'd get me good, milky british based cows(angus,hereford,shorthorn) and use carefully selected continental...
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    What do you think about this bull

    Importing semen to EU is difficult. It needs to be IBR negative. Only some animals qualifies. Many Limousin breeders say that NA limousines doesn't have enough muscling.
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    What do you think about this bull

    If 3 of 13 cows nurse their calves and they'r causing accidents, are all the cows ready for slaughter. They aren't profitable at all. When you have 100 of those, your in deep trouble :D
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    What do you think about this bull

    How much land costs? 900€/ha? That is cheap. Here were snow is on the fields 6-8 months it costs 5000€/ha. Southern at better areas 15000€+ha.
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    What do you think about this bull

    A Year a go I visited big cattle show at Clemond-Ferrand. There is many breeds to pick your favorite. Their bulls are very expensive though. I wonder what is with French breeds? Salers looked the type of cattle that would work here in my environment. I'd like to see some fat on cows for winter...