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    JD 4430

    I am looking to buy a tractor to cut/bale hay. We currently pay someone else to cut, rake, and bale around 15acres. This year we have done it on shares. We bought a NH 273 square bailer a couple years ago but have yet to use it. We have an old Ford 600 that we use to bush hog/haul in wood...
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    Heirloom Seeds

    I ordered some seeds from Baker Creek this year. I also requested a catalog, but they have run out. All of their seed stock is supposed to be pure.
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    Parts for Robush Wood Splitter

    I have an old Robush wood splitter. I need to find a new "head" for it. What I am calling the head is that flat plate that attaches to the cylinder and pushes the wood to the wedge. I have tried to find these on-line, but have not had much luck. I would like to get one with the bolt-on ears...
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    Uses for deer burger

    We usually mix 1lb deer burger with 1lb beef hamburger. Straight deer burger can be pretty dry.
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    Skilled trades

    Union Steamfitters/Welders make pretty good money around here. The United Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters, Welders, HVAC techs has a pretty good website at They cover the US and Canada. There is supposed to be alot of work coming up in Canada.
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    Fertilizer prices

    We have used turkey manure before and plan to use it again. I was told "the more it stinks, the better it is". If you can get it out of the "grow out" barns(the older turkeys) it has very little bedding in it. It is almost pure manure. Around here they only clean the grow out barns every...
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    rubber bans on bulls

    What do most people do? We have banded the last couple years. My Dad and Cousin cut'em.
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    Solar Panels

    Have you looked into wind power?
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    Selling Walnuts

    I sold 216 lbs of hulled walnuts for $26 on Tuesday. I ain't getting rich, but they had to picked up for us to mow the grass. That's $26 more than what I had.
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    Broken Hoof

    Thanks for all the information. She eventually healed up on her own.
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    How to do a soil test?

    I have never done a soil test. How deep do you dig? Can you take a couple samples from different areas of a field and mix them for one test? I would appreciate any guidance.
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    New Holland Tractors

    How HP is a 6610/6600?
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    Selling Walnuts

    Has anybody sold walnuts? There was an ad in the paper that people was buying black walnuts @$0.12 a pound. I picked up 5 1/2 feed sacks full today off of 1 tree. I had to pick them up before we mowed the yard anyway. Might as well try to sell them.
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    New Holland Tractors

    I got the same price on a TT75. They had an old Ford 5000 for $4850. I am thinking of buying that. That's more my price range right now!
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    Deer Jerky

    Thanks for the info.
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    Deer Jerky

    Does anyone have a good recipe for deer jerky? I have heard of people using worstershire sauce.
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    New Holland Tractors

    The dealer told me the TT series is the stripped down "value Tractor". The TN series is supposed to be the "Cadillac"(more electronics, etc).
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    New Holland Tractors

    Is anyone using a New Holland TT60A or TT75A tractor. If you are, what do you think?
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    Maple Bacon

    That sounds good!
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    Ginseng root's (pic's)

    What is fat lighter?