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  1. gerardplauche

    Arkansas Elk (pics)

    I had no idea that Arkansas had elk, much less trophies like that!
  2. gerardplauche


    Cottonseed will be fine. The other cows eat it fine with no problems. Jst one of those things I guess, I'll watch and see what happens. She is starting to gain slowly.
  3. gerardplauche

    First Calf - Thoughts?

    Very good form for a 5 month old. I have one the same age that looks about 75 lbs lighter than yours.
  4. gerardplauche

    Hot Sauce

    Hottest Hot Sauce I've ever tried is called 'Bayou Viagra'. Proceed with caution...
  5. gerardplauche


    Thanks for the input. I had treated her twice with Safe-Guard worm pellets. Had the vet come out last week and gave her a shot. Not sure what it was, but I know it cost me $125 :shock: He said to take the calf off of her early and to keep her on the cotton seed and corn for another two...
  6. gerardplauche


    I have a Brangus cow that had her first calf about 3 months ago. She started looking shabby a few weeks ago. She has lost a lot of weight and has long hair still, which makes me think it is worms. I seperated her and gave her antibiotics and worm medicine. Put her on feed also. No luck so...
  7. gerardplauche

    A few pics of cows

    Sure am glad I don't have to deal with the snow.
  8. gerardplauche

    1st Calf - EVER

    Haven't been on the boards in a while. I switched from a feedlot to cow/calf operation about a year ago. Just had the first calf drop last week. Amazing! Brangus bull and Hereford heifer. I will post pictures as soon as I figure out how... :banana:
  9. gerardplauche

    Son's Second Deer

    Congratulations! I've been deer hunting for 10 years and haven't even seen a buck of that class. :?
  10. gerardplauche

    Hereford Hoof Problem

    Thanks everyone. The terrain is very good here. Great pasture on a ridge. I'm in Louisiana so, sure, it does get wet for a day or two after a rain, but we're in a DROUGHT, so there goes that theory. The hooves are actually beginning to improve. The "long" side dropped off in the rear. They...
  11. gerardplauche

    Hereford Hoof Problem

    Ok - I have heard the many problems with Herefords regarding eyes, cancer, etc. I am a glutton for punishment so I finally bought one. I have a Hereford heifer (now bred by the way) that has recently begun 'growing' her hooves; they began extending past normal length of cattle hooves. This is...
  12. gerardplauche

    Look What I caught

    I'm jealous. I'm going to Colorado next spring and I would love nothing more than to catch a few brown trout. Is it impossible for an 'out of towner' to get in on the action?
  13. gerardplauche

    bored with the same old recipes-

    I'm a seafood buff. 2 quick meals are: 1) fried calamari with 'Cajun Power' garlic sauce (I can send you a bottle if you like) and 2) Baked sea scallops wrapped in bacon seasoned with lemon juice, worshitsher :( sauce, and lemon pepper.
  14. gerardplauche

    My new 270 winchester

    Very nice. Don't scrath it!
  15. gerardplauche

    Additional deer / turkey hunting lease

    Sounds like a dream come true. You could probably scout for 2 months and never see the whole property!
  16. gerardplauche


    Oldtimer - I am the same way. I keep a pair of compact binoculars in the center console of my truck. They're OK, but for hunting, I use my large Bushnells.
  17. gerardplauche

    Deer Season Prep

    Maybe so. I get pics of every animal imaginable!
  18. gerardplauche

    Deer Season Prep

    Dave - I have one ground blind that I hunt out of late in the season. Only hunt it if you are downwind.
  19. gerardplauche

    Deer Season Prep

    Went clear shooting lanes and put up a new box stand yesterday. It was HOT! I think this is the earliest I have ever starting preparing for deer. I set out my game camera on my mineral sight. I will share pics when I check it next week.
  20. gerardplauche

    Too much angus!

    Cypress - Same here. I see Charlais brining good prices in Carencro and Mansura. Herefords don't sell real good though. For my 'black' calves, I list them in the Market Bulletin, and I get a premium as replacements.