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  1. 2/B or not 2/B

    DIY Calf Repair

    Hi there hd! Man oh man, sorry about your bad stretch of luck. You're due for some good breaks.
  2. 2/B or not 2/B

    DIY Calf Repair

    Thanks and good point. We've had cool weather and there's a carpet of soft grass instead of dry dirt, which will come later. It's not fly season yet so all in all we had good luck.
  3. 2/B or not 2/B

    DIY Calf Repair

    After a week or so, we got him in the chute to check his temp. and that swelling. I thought I might have to draw out some pus, but the area was firm not soft. There was some thick pus at the opening, so I wiped it off and coated it with blue styptic/antiseptic powder. His temperature was 104F...
  4. 2/B or not 2/B

    DIY Calf Repair

    Hi CT friends, I haven't been around much so I'm not sure what I've missed. We had some excitement a couple of weeks ago and I have photos so I thought I'd come by. To any beginners out there, the only reason we "tried this at home" was because we called our vet first and she advised us to. If...
  5. 2/B or not 2/B

    Sometimes you should just stay in bed.

    HD, my goodness that's an immense loss all at once. I'm so sorry. There are so many different unexpected things that can happen with cattle. You can go a good while with good luck and then the weirdest thing will happen.
  6. 2/B or not 2/B

    Biopryn - Your thoughts

    I love Biopryn too, but had an interesting experience with it this year. Tested a group of cows 30 days after AI. Retested a few times after that to make sure everyone stayed bred and that those who were open got bred to clean up. Anyhow, one of the cows that tested open for AI and bred later...
  7. 2/B or not 2/B

    winner "Gone But Not Forgotten"

  8. 2/B or not 2/B

    Store bought vs home raised eggs: boiling

    Yes, it's the fresh factor and once they've 'aged' long enough, they'll peel just as easy as store bought. I've never experimented with the minimum number of days and our flock is small enough that supply rarely exceeds demand. Right now it's so hot, they're barely laying so sometimes, I'm out...
  9. 2/B or not 2/B

    Anyone else remember the good old days of CT?

    MM, I do remember when politics weren't allowed on this forum. Ranchers was always the place to go for that, but not so much anymore apparently. I understand it's Macon's board and since the old policy isn't enforced as firmly, I just find myself checking in less and less. There are tons of...
  10. 2/B or not 2/B

    British White pictures for Kathie

    I'm not criticizing their body condition. Mine are fat as pigs, but there's wild rye, oats, vetch, clover, brome and filaree up to their chests right now. I figure the reserves help them get through the rest of the season, after it dries up and loses its nutrition. They'd make it through the...
  11. 2/B or not 2/B

    British White pictures for Kathie

    Kathie, your cattle look content and well cared for. Very nice :D
  12. 2/B or not 2/B

    Sold a Char Bull

    :clap: I'd be over the moon, congrats!
  13. 2/B or not 2/B

    incoming outgoing heifers and one different breed

    Beautiful group of girls! I especially like the odd one out. I hope they work really well for you.
  14. 2/B or not 2/B

    Poll "Signs of Spring"

    600 x 800 seems to be just the right size if you resize before uploading. Some sites let you resize during or after uploading. I'd use the photo gallery to upload, but it seems I'd have to create a separate account to access it. I use a site that doesn't require registration or passwords...
  15. 2/B or not 2/B

    Red Angus bull Conquest

    Not having first hand experience with him, it's the +7 HPG that bothers me. The average for proven and opportunity sires is +10 isn't it? I've definitely considered him but have hesitated because of that.
  16. 2/B or not 2/B


    I've never found a place to buy it locally. We order it from here: eta: the 100ml bottle is on backorder. The big bottle gives me sticker shock.
  17. 2/B or not 2/B

    Can I buy cows if I have a full time job?

    Some great opinions have been shared already, but I'll second a few points that were already made: 1) For some, keeping cattle without a full-time job wouldn't be possible! 2) If you're truly committed to their health and welfare, you'll find enough time to care for them properly. 3) Calm stock...
  18. 2/B or not 2/B

    Winners "Little Red Barn"

    Hey, cool! I saw the poll after it closed and assumed Randi had won. I voted for her myself and would have been perfectly fine with that ;-) I just love that pic of a calf sacked out in the snow. Congratulations Randi and Dylan! For us, raising a bottle calf in the dog kennel was convenient...
  19. 2/B or not 2/B

    Poll "Little Red Barn" Closed

    Great baby pics! I didn't vote for my own either, the other ones are just too good.
  20. 2/B or not 2/B

    Contest 2 - 8 April "Little Red Barn"

    If the entries ever reach some record number, would it be possible for us to have more than one vote? :cboy: