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    Basin Payweight

    With the start of my herd coming through basin's dispersion and marketing bulls through them my first few years back from 2012 through 2016 i have quite a bit of payweight influence in my herd.. I dont have a lot of daughters of 1682, have a few 107s daughters and one son around but have a lot...
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    bull failed breeding exam

    When we have a bull fail a test we generally wait 2 or 3 weeks and try again, especially coming off a hard winter. A lot of times on retest they are fine, with a 2md failed test we send them down the road. 25% is pretty low though
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    Angus AI sires being used

    Not using any right now, have quite a bit of pay weight influence in my herd though
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    Suggestions? Angus bulls that suit the North country

    I have used some 4404 in the past along with other rainmaker bulls, had a couple sons of his that sold in our sale a couple years ago that I may have pictures and videos of. I didnt keep any daughters out of him but have several out of another p175 son
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    Current prices here in Va.

    Up here in Montana Angus production sales have been going pretty well, several have had averages up from last year at this time. Of the 3 I have attended 1 seemed to be carried by online and order buyers and had a crowd considerably smaller than previous years but the other 2 had pretty decent...
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    Why does heavy marbling mean a steer can't have a rear?

    Right, but the question wasnt "why can't an animal have the most marbling and most muscle of any breed out there?" It seemed to be more along the line of "why does it seem in herds that select for for marbling muscle mass is sacrificed?" What I gave as an example was not intended to answer...
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    Why does heavy marbling mean a steer can't have a rear?

    I agree that this is somewhat true in the same way that birthweight and weaning weight are antagonistic. It is often the case and if you look entirely at one you will lose the other but you can find animals with both. One we have used quite a bit is that excels in both of those areas is exar...
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    DMI EPD?

    From what I can tell is the one refers to a post weaning feedlot weight gain situation whereas the other looks at consumption during lactation and calf raising activities. I would expect the two to align closer, as you suggested, but I can see where the correlation wouldn't be all that direct
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    Yeah, I was there, went out just to watch those first two sell and take a look at them in person for he most part. Pretty exciting in the sale barn when it happened and I thought all 3 looked like good bulls. The scrotal EPD scares me a little, especially on the top one, but other than that...