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    Movies that glorify bad guys

    FWIW, my suggestion would be, don't go to see it. Its kinda like Howard Stern, many years ago I couldn't stand that guy's radio program. In my opinion it was nothing but perverted garbage. So...….. I didn't listen to it. Just because I thought it was trash and should not be aired didn't...
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    Common sense, aka good sense, would dictate that handling chemicals of any kind even if the label states that it is "organic", could possibly be hazardous to one's health or well-being and that one should dress with long sleeves, long pants, solid footwear, safety glasses, and possibly gloves...
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    I'd love to try to get together! That would be nice. so far, things are going well here, at the new place. We love it! Thank you.
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    Thank you very much, for the birthday wishes. Its been a good day.
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    Some English Longhorns - Dunster Castle

    Those are some nice looking animals! Much more beefy-looking than I expected.
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    Do not be deceived! Estrogen in BEEF

    I concur! I wonder why there aren't? Perhaps because it doesn't fit certain group's agendas. :x
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    Do not be deceived! Estrogen in BEEF

    Who knows?! I read the article, found it interesting that there's 170,000 in soybean oil & 11,250 in soy milk. Hmmmmm, that's a lot of estrogen being consumed! That could explain many things.
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    Hey Everyone!

    Hey Cypress! Are you still selling beef to that local nursing home? Sorry to hear about the MIL with Alzheimer's. My Mother passed away just over a year ago, had dementia. It is NOT easy. Good to see you!
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    Hey Everyone!

    Glad you called him. I've been wondering how he's been.
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    Well. I did it. Sold out

    That could work! A few months ago I sold every cow, calf & the bull with the exception of 4 pairs, as we are moving to a different part of the state. The property's fences were never maintained so it was just easier to sell out but for a few and fence in a couple of pastures and maybe build...
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    Thought for the day

    :clap: :clap: :clap: :heart: Yes!!! I wish more (all) of my descendants had done this! My mother died just over a year ago at age 89 and in going through her belongings, some of which myself nor any of my siblings had NEVER seen! Some of these items were little notebooks like what you...
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    I'm going with bear. Where I used to work, it wasn't uncommon for bears to bed in the hay and as Jeanne said, they do the same in corn fields, around in circles.
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    I think of her & her husband, from time to time, wondering how they're doing. Loss of a child is the worst.
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    kenny thomas

    Happy Birthday Kenny.
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    Well...…… that bites. :( Sorry to hear it. At least now they know and they can move forward accordingly.