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    Pictures from work

    2013 memories.
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    Heat pumps?

    I've been told Trane and American Standard are made on the same line as well. I like them both. Got a 1997 Trane xl 1200 thats had zero problem. Several American Standard unit that perform. I don't care for Amana they are the same as Goodman. Rheem and Rudd are the same folks. I've had both...
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    Sad Day in Bulldog Country

    Awesome "Life is about people, not rings. Rings collect dust,"
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    Sad Day in Bulldog Country

    Richt had the highest winning percentage as a coach in UGA's history. The fan sometime forget the facts and obviously the decision makers.
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    Very good post. I am the only one that I can control and it ain't easy sometimes.
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    Thanks. I I don’t recall hearing that song before. He hit the nail on the head.
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    No doubt you are right.
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    After 27 years and 2 kids out of the house with the same woman it seems kinda simple. They go through stages. The first stage is love. Total love just after marriage. It moves on to the inequities in her life as she sees them and years will pass. This is a continuous time with each rationalizing...
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    700 years ago

    Cool read. Thanks
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    Would You Have enough Insurance.

    I think I pay around $500 a year for liability policy for $1 million.It additionally adds cost to other policies as they expect your car insurance liability to be at $500,000. That is for my area anyway. It includes several rental properties which was the primary reason for getting it but also...
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    Storing your garden harvest

    Carrots ready for the freezer
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    Storing your garden harvest

    I start from seeds just like tomatoes. This year I planted cisneros. Good size green variety.
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    Hung Buck

    I've seen one who didn't gauge the jump just right to be stuck in a bad postion. His life had left him but I couldn't help but be sad for some reason. I just didn't seem right.
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    What kind of herd do you run, and why?

    I currently run 2 herds of retained commercial cattle breed from registered limo‘s that was started back in the early 80’s. One herd is red and the other black. Dad ran registered Limo’s on them. I convinced Dad to buy double polled bulls at some point so we wouldn’t have to dehorn the calves...