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    Record keeping what to use?

    CattleMax I’ve been using it for years. Very economical and easy to use and access. You can access it from your phone, laptop, or desktop.
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    CT Roll-Call

    Here since 2004.
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    Same here BHB, we got .25 in the southern part of Bosque County. We'll take what we can get, but some more rain would sure be nice!
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    Educate me on cubes and cake

    We feed cubes here on a regular basis thru the winter months, mid Nov thru mid March, and maybe weekly during the other months. In winter, I feed every other day, approx. 5 lbs per head. 20% cubes @ $360.00 ton - picked up at feed store by the ton (pallet), 40 bags on a pallet. If I feed 65...
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    Yep, we're still running Longhorns. We still have some registered cows and also have started running some Longhorn x Angus crosses over the last few years. Some people love Longhorns and some hate 'em. Whatever the case may be, you have to raise what you like, whether you're motivated by...
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    Longhorn Cross

    We've crossed Longhorn cows with an Angus bull. From our calves, about 55% were completely black hided, with the remaining being black with some type of white markings on them. Some of calves have small horns (scurs), and at weaning, we dehorn any we keep (i.e replacement heifers and feeder...
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    Wagon Wheel Ranch - Production Horse Sale

    I believe this is the first sale they have had since 2006. This is the breeding program of Fred Gist, who passed away in Nov. 2009. His son John, has now taken over the horse program. My brother, Rusty, is the foreman over there. Their goal is to keep Fred's program alive and well , and...
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    Wagon Wheel Ranch - Production Horse Sale

    The Wagon Wheel Ranch, in Lometa, TX, will be having a ranch horse production sale, Sept 14-15, 2013. Please see link below for more details.
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    One positive from way too much rain

    Seems a naturally occurring bacterium in the soil controls the grasshopper, but during a drought that bacterium moves deeper in the soil to find moisture, thus more grasshoppers during a drought. Here's an intersting article I recently read regarding grasshoppers...
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    Branding questions

    To me, a brand is not only proof of ownership, it is also advertising. For example, if a ranch is selling private treaty heifers, a lot of times they want their brand on the cattle before they leave their property, even if you made an agreement to purchase the the animal before it was branded...
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    Biopryn - Your thoughts

    I appreciate all the info. I agree...depending on the website you go to, there can be some variations in shipping procedures, etc. That is what prompted me to ask the question on what others, who have actually gone through the process, are doing. I will be shipping around 25 specimens this...
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    Biopryn - Your thoughts

    I've read different things on the web regarding shipping of samples and wanted to double check how others are shipping. I plan to draw blood this weekend, and place samples in refrigerator until they are shipped on Monday (around noon). I plan to use UPS to ship. My understanding is that you...
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    JD 450C Dozer

    I am trying to figure out the correct procedure for installing a new top carrier track roller on on a JD 450C. The old roller broke off the shaft, and at this point, the old shaft is what is left, attached to the bracket. I have purhcased a new part, which includes the roller and shaft all in...
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    Range cube price

    I believe the last 20% cubes I bought were around 9.75, which comes out to $390 ton. Normally around here they give you a .20 per bag discount if you buy a ton, which would be $382 ton. I would expect that coming into winter they'll be around 450 ton. We culled quite a bit last year and have...
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    Pregnancy Testing

    What is the best test, other than palpation, for determing if a cow/heifer is pregnant? I'm looking for some alternatives to getting a vet out to palpate, as I am not qualified myself. In the past we have pretty much kept bulls out year round, but now we're trying to go to more defined calving...