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    Round bale grinder mixers

    I'm trying to cut back on the amount of hay I use and hopefully have a mixture that is dry enough and fine enough to work in the truck feeder. Problem with feeding out of the mixer wagon is distance-2 groups of cattle 4 miles apart.
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    Round bale grinder mixers

    What I'm trying to do is, using round bales, wdg, and gin trash to make a mixture that will work in a truck mounted feeder ( ours is a 3C feeder,I think). We just bought this truck and feeder and I'm hoping I could get a round bale grinder/mixer so I could use all these ingredients to make a...
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    Round bale grinder mixers

    Which of these would be the best for the money for a cattle operation with 100-150 cows? Your opinions, experiences,etc. I have 0 experience with them but am looking at a used NDE. I have enough tractor power I believe (175 hp). Opinions, pros-cons?
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    Ford 7312 Front end loader

    Will 2 different size cylinders with respect to diameter work on a frt end loader These cyl's will operate the bucket. All appears to be the same except one is bigger than the other. Also does anyone know who made this loader, its on a '90 model 8160 Ford Tractor. Our local New Holland dealer...
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    Bushog nuts

    Yes I'm talking about the stump jumpers with the blades. I just got through trying the lock nuts with the plastic inserts tightened all my half inch impact would do and they still came loose and begin to flop. I had replaced the castle nuts with the plastic insert lock nuts. May try the...
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    Bushog nuts

    Anyone here perfected a way to keep the cutter assembly nuts from loosening? This is a 20ft rhino and the two outer spinner assembly nuts are always coming loose.
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    "04 Dodge Dually Diesel ..again

    Fan clutch is working, problem with it is it kicks in too late--~215 degrees. By this time if you are in city traffic or have just finished climbing a grade when you take off and the tranny has to shift it shifts hard with a screeching sound which can't be good for the transmission imo. I...
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    "04 Dodge Dually Diesel ..again

    In relation to an earlier posting...I just had the radiator pulled and cleaned (guy said he didn't find much in the radiator) and the thermostat replaced. The truck tends to run too hot (between 200 and 250 on the guage when pulling up a steep incline. It also runs hotter ( maybe 2 indicator...
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    Well it turns out it is primarily unharvested corn stalks. Anyone ever cut corn with the ears still attached?? Seems to me it would be heck to rake. I know the # of net wraps would have to be increased.
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    Anyone ever round baled any milo or milo/corn combination? I've got a 567 JDeere baler with netwrap. Aguy told me he might have a wildlife plot that I could bale.
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    My Part His Part

    My son and I are partners on some land-50/50 ownership. Being retired, I do all the work and absorb all expenses. I cut, rake, bale, and feed the hay with my equipment. When the calves are sold, what would be a proper % for me and a proper % for him? I was thinking about basing the...
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    An udder rupture

    I noticed one of my cow's udder has a rupture and is running. When viewed from behind the rupture is on the left side of the udder about midway from the top to where the left teat begins. No swelling that I can tell in the teat area. Its more like a knot. Opinions??
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    Angus Cow Makers

    The EXT's are pretty darn consistent frame-wise and they are fertile cows with great udders (something I'm kinda fussy about). 878 has seen more limited use, but i like what I see so far and he must have done something right with all the pathfinders in his pedigree, although that in itself is...
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    bull born with foot turned back

    As everyone has said he will be ok just give him some time. I might add "No matter how hard you try you just can't kill'em all" :lol: Good luck.