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    Spring Breeding, What's Everyone Using?

    A few changes from a year ago ... Exclusive Crackerjack ZWT Summit Rainfall Square B Bozeman Still have some Raindance embryos to put in Adding in spring or fall ... SAV Territory Cap 316 (restock)
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    What happened to Musgrave Stunner ?

    Yes contact TK Angus they have semen, and havnt heard if Genex will be selling Stunner again in future, sounds like they won't. But you can't go wrong with his proven sire, 316. And have good options on the underrated Colossal (316 son), Exclusive (316 son), and Crackerjack (Stunner son)
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    New breeding season

    Love the lineup. Some similar to ours. Have you considered adding or subbing in Coleman Bravo? Our fall and spring list: SAV Rainfall SAV Raindance Musgrave Exclusive Musgrave Crackerjack Coleman Bravo ZWT Summit Most likely adding SAV Territory to the mix as well
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    Deer Valley Unique

    thats the best person to ask. Angus john i'm up here on the other side of the river from Joe, not far from you either
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    LD Capitalist 316 son

    Your pic is of 316's AAA info, not the dam of your potential purchase. BSE is a MUST!! And if the seller is not doing one himself, that's a red flag for sure
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    Fall 2020 breeding, what AI sires are you using?

    Raindance (F) Crackerjack (F) Rainfall ZWT Summit Capitalist 316 Exclusive And adding a Resource son soon, most likely Territory. Basically we are focusing hard on 4136, 714, and 316 lines right now
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    Recommendations on bull for Net Worth cow

    Raindance definetly for the udder improvement, plus you have the sexed female option too is a plus for some. Then i'd consider 316 and Exclusive
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    Harvest Walnut

    looking for input, ballpark prices, advice, etc. from anyone that has knowledge of harvesting mature walnut trees in pasture. Hoping to start a discussion so i can take the best plan of action for making a little extra money. Do's and don'ts, best approach with buyers, which steps to do...
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    Nice surprise

    176 is that a typo?
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    Nice surprise

    Had a cow come open last week after preg check safe at 45 days. seen her jump and act off at 70 and 85 days, patched her, she never stood though. Became suspicious of her aborting. i was correct. She HAD been safe with an ET after raising two nice heifer calves for us. Not sure if the...
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    Weaned/weighed a few calves yesterday Growth Fund/Playbook

    Creep and Non-creep goes into the adjustment as well. Jscunn i'll try and get a few pics this afternoon
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    Weaned/weighed a few calves yesterday Growth Fund/Playbook

    1-1-20 Growth Fund heifer calf (dam's 2nd calf) 764 Adj. 751 Ratio 100 1-7-20 Playbook x Absolute x Reserve bull calf (1st calf) 760 Adj.794 Ratio 100 3-28-20 Playbook x Traction x 7229 heifer calf (1st calf) 429 Adj. 643 Ratio 100
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    Horse Meat for the Hungry ?

    And then here in KY they have fundraising and organizaions specifically for retired, unwanted thoroughbreds. Feeding them, providing pasture, board, etc. because breeders don't give two shizz once they are done with them. Azz backwords. Starving horses over starving kids...