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  1. tlmcr

    Anyone use this herf bull

    Jay, I used Gerber Grainger back about 10 years, he is a 517 son pretty closley related to this bull. I liked the calves a lot, made a couple of really nice show steers. In hind sight I should have used him more.
  2. tlmcr

    Rethinking Business Plan, Input please

    What have you been doing with your calves the past few years? Is it working fo you, do you have a customer base established? If the answer is no I would consider change. I don't think you have to compete with or be like the big outfits to have success in the seedstock business. You do need...
  3. tlmcr

    My first herd -- looking for feedback

    Heifers need to be wormed. Overall looks like you have some good ones, lot of variation. Are the next 22 going to be Hereford also?
  4. tlmcr

    Butchering Brangus bull calf

    He will be fine left a bull. We have butchered a couple of our sale bulls that did not semen check good and they were some of the best beef we have raised.
  5. tlmcr

    NJW Trust or Hoffman Redeem

    I went to the Jenson Bros sale when they sold Redeem and several of his calves. I thought they were really impressive. I bought a cow and she had a Redeem heifer calf in April and I really like her, made very sound and she has grown very well. I think the Trust bull has a lot of potential as...
  6. tlmcr

    how much to pay

    Seriously someone is selling bulls for $1200. A $1200 bull is 2 knife slits from being an $1800 steer.
  7. tlmcr

    Comments on Hereford bulls

    Prairiegrass: I have used Harland, 3027 and Ribeye here are my observations Harland has worked great for me, very moderate easy fleshing cattle both heifers and bull sell very well in fact I can't keep the daughters because customers always find them and want them first. I will use him...
  8. tlmcr

    hereford bull to pick on

    Excellent eye pigment but that is the only positive I see. Calf is too narrow and flat sided for my taste. I do think the cow is good, but not thick enough to mate with Feltons 517.
  9. tlmcr

    Harland Son to critique

    The pictures were complete on my screen, I think my monitor is bigger............ Knersie thanks for the comment, he is white eyed however his eyeset is very good. I have better luck getting eyeset to breed true than I do with pigment. We used this calf to clean up Fall calving cows, his BW...
  10. tlmcr

    Harland Son to critique

    Spring 2009 Harland Son out of a Boyd Z86 daughter. All comments welcome.
  11. tlmcr

    Bulls in the snow (lots of pictures)

    Oak: Your bull calves look really nice. I had the pleasure of walking thru the yearlings at SHF a couple of years ago and your calves show the influence of their breeding. Very deep sided and easy fleshing cattle, the kind we need.
  12. tlmcr

    B/R New Design 323 9150

    Curious why you want to "add" frame? I could not see using a 60" tall bull that weighs 2000 pounds today.
  13. tlmcr

    Breeding Season is Over

    This makes sense to me, for many breeders going through winter without bulls to care for would be quite nice. If your bull breeder is progressive they should have made considerable genetic progress since the last bull purchase. We are moving old herd bulls next week, it is difficult these old...
  14. tlmcr

    Hereford lines (what if)

    What does this mean?????????????????? and one day a bull got inside the local store.
  15. tlmcr

    CJH Harland 408

    I have used both Harland and 3027 and like the calves of both bulls. My first 3027 daughter will calve this fall, she is thick and moderate. I have not been able to keep any Harland daughters they sell so well I have let them all go. I have 2 really nice Harland bull calves that I am excited...