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    cross bred cattle

    The Angus test isn't foolproof, at least the one they had in the early 90s.
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    Texas Water Restrictions

    The energy requirements for desalinization are insane. I do wonder about all the water being used for fracing in south Texas right now considering what's going on with the overall water supply.
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    In case you want to know more about livestock judging

    Thanks for the mention, I’m Jeff, one of the people behind We’ve had this site working in the back of our minds for several years now and finally got going with it. I’m extremely interested in what you guys might have to say about the site and what you’d like to see on...
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    Chiangus Breed

    There was plenty of momentum in the breed for non-show steer stuff until Dieter held their dispersal. Since then it seems like they no longer have the marketing for it.
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    dun, would you rather see ads targetted based on your interests or random penis enlargment ads? Well, perhaps those are the same thing but you know what I mean.
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    Dun, it's called remarketing. Here's some more info on it...
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    Mesothelioma, blah blah, mesothelioma facts, blah, blah blah blah, mesothelioma information, blah blah, blah metothelioma cancer. You're welcome Macon.
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    HSUS ad on this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's Adsense, Cattle Today didn't pick the advertiser. E-mail the admins and let them know the URL of the site advertising and they can block it.
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    Most profitable/marketable breed(s)

    I still don't see where he was bashing Angus, he just doesn't want to use them and he gave his reasons. I agree Angus gets it from all angles here but it that wasn't a case of it. There was no reason whatsoever to jump his ass about it the way you did.
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    Most profitable/marketable breed(s)

    I keep going back to try to find what part of the original post made pdfangus act like he's a woman and somebody commented on his weight but cannot find it.
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    Brahman-Holstein cross

    We used to have a few that came to us as bottle calf heifers my dad would buy from a local dairy. They were just about as good a cow as a person could hope for. The calves out of Simmental bulls didn't show any dairy influence and were actually in the upper end of weaning weights each year. I...
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    Breeding for insect resistance?

    I almost drove three hours down the Beeville for no reason other than I wanted to sit and watch Kit tell South Texas cattlemen that they needed short legged black bulls that have been selected for insect resistance to improve their American cows.
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    How much can you pay

    To the original question, if you are paying more than the cost of the lawyer's fees for transfering it when you inherit the land, don't expect cattle to pay for it.
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    The Rules

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    Single Trait Rejection

    Heat tolerance. If a cow is panting/struggling at a sale regardless of how hot it is I stop looking at her.