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    Please help me with this steer if you can

    I have to tell you , unfortunately, once they get away from you, they are VERY hard to hold on to! They are quick learners, and I've seen some that can't be broke from that habit. Is there anyone you know that is bigger / stronger that can walk with you when you lead him? If you're quick...
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    Help Please!!!

    How much time are you spending with him? Morning and evening? Show animals take LOTS of time and patience... and the more time you spend, the better the results. If he's "running off", try and figure out why! Is he afraid, spooking and running off? Or is does he have extra energy, and...
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    fly control

    Plenty of flies and mosquitoes here as well, thanks to all the lovely rain! Army worms will be next.. but that's a different topic! I fly spray my cows all summer, twice a week. I rotate the spray, from Elector to Coral. There's nothing I hate worse than a poor cow kicking and biting at...
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    Showing and Clothing

    I agree FFA Mom! It's amazing how much it's changed over the years. I still think young women and men should wear a well pressed, collared shirt, tucked in with a belt. If I were a judge, I would bring it up.. I think kids are always "testing" what is acceptable. Until someone tells them it...
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    Similar situation here.. but you'll love the outcome! Same scenario.. older women (two maiden sisters) one dies, the other has the wild cows. After years of them being everywhere.. in the road, everyone else's place, etc., etc. a local guy finally convinces her to let him load them and sell...
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    Bull Lady Help!

    lol.... yup, still alive and kicking! FFA... you can only get them at the show... they don't do them during the year. I can look up the receipt if you want their names. Were you trying to get them before Houston?
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    Draxxin or Nyflor?

    I have a heifer that just got here (Texas) from Iowa last night, and this morning she has a cough and a runny nose. Eating, and otherwise looks okay, but I'm sure it's shipping fever. What is your drug of choice for this? I have Draxxin, Nyflor, Baytril and Micotil available. Thanks for...
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    Slutty Heifer

    Thanks for the help! I have lute and dex, don't have Estrumate. I think I might just haul her to the vet's... 72 miles away. *sigh*.. she's a really good heifer, but I don't want to screw her up.
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    Slutty Heifer

    I'm pretty sure one of my show heifers snuck out and got in with the bull. She's nine months old, and there's a possibility she could be 3 months bred. What is the dosage for aborting her with Lutalyse please? Honestly.. the cows I can't get bred, but the one heifer I keep does. :?
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    The disapointment of showing cattle

    I haul to the Texas majors, and the AJSA junior nationals, plus I sell a few calves for juniors to show as well. I have opinions as well on both sides of the debate actually. I agree that sometimes it is very political, and there are ocassions when it's pretty much a concensus that the best...
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    Livestock treatment debated at US Supreme Court

    Texas .. I have to agree with you about the owners being at least partially responsible. I know ranchers that will wait until they are nearly dead before they try to ship them. Shame on them too.
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    I've got high hopes for this one too. We haven't gotten even enough to settle the dust in the last few "events". Last weekend it poured at my office in Waco, and when I got home (30 miles south) nothing. It's beyond sad this drought. I spent the day in Milam County, and saw so many starving...
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    American Simmental Suspension

    They've sold show heifers to juniors that are registered and represented as Simbrahs, but are in fact Simmentals. This has been proven on numerous occassions when DNA was done on the calves, but ASA didn't want to do anything because they threatened a lawsuit. Even though this is clearly a...
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    American Simmental Suspension

    F I N A L L Y. ASA needs to grow some you-know-what's. This has been happening with Simbrahs for years now.
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    Camp Cooley Sells

    The ranch was offered for sale for over a year when they decided to auction it off. The problem with a facility like that is.. there is a LOT of inventory on the market, even large and over-improved properties. They are selling for pennies on the dollar, because of the economy and the banks...