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    Fly Control Alternative to Wind and Rain or Justifly

    You're kidding?? Altosid .4% that is put in fly control mineral runs about $3.00 a pound.
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    Moved and have tentatively opted to change my whole life..

    CB we’ve been doing the same thing. GB I hope you fall in love with the new life style. Best wishes to you and your wife.
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    Feeding Whole Cottonseed

    WCS will replace cubes pound for pound and have much much more nutritional value at half the price.
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    What in the devil is the deal with egg and chicken prices these days?

    All chicken feeds are through the roof just like cattle feed.
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    Feeding Whole Cottonseed

    Ca Can you replace the CG feed with soy hull pellets? Resulting mix would have about 16% protein, excellent digestability and more than adequate energy.
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    And you won’t. It’s a very good protein source. I’ve never heard of any soy based WDG. Most is corn or milo.
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    Could Be

    Probably going to see a lot of foreclosures later as interest rates double on adjustable rate loans.
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    Finishing steers

    When in doubt a good heavy textured horse and mule feed will work
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    Spring hasn't sprung

    90 degrees here today.
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    Can cows have used coffee grounds?

    As someone once said about some other strange feed ingredient “ it will make a turd”.
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    Feed Inflation ?

    Las Last years feed ingredients were record highs but you ain’t seen nothing yet. Just hang on.
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    Anyone else finance land through Capital Farm Credit?

    I’ve never used them but That figure could represent funds in various reserve accounts for losses.
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    Spring has Sprung

    Oh they will “survive” on a lot of things.
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    Spring has Sprung

    Just a mild little maintenance feed. Doubt it would ever cause any problems but still not a replacement for long stem hay or grazing.