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    Jury reaches verdict in Chauvin trial. Announcement imminent

    This coward waited until he had his hands cuffed behind his back before becoming "The Intimidator'. I hear its much easier when his hands are cuffed behind his back.
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    Spray lime

    Some do it because Hi-Mag is normally formulated much cheaper.
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    what did you lose in the Big Freeze?

    " "Walking W". my wife's Rosemary bush is the only thing around our place killed as well. Tickled me to death.
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    Bulk Bin coating and sweating.

    Sounds like your corn may have been high moisture.
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    J&J shot

    I’ll take your word Butch. Treasuries usually pay promptly. Perhaps it’s only due at maturity.
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    J&J shot

    The folks holding the note don’t want to be paid off. Just pay the interest and renew the note when it comes due.
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    Covid - good news

    I talked to a guy that had talked to a lady that knew a man that knew for a fact that regardless of the real cause of death they wrote it up as natural causes to keep people from really knowing the truth. Now who do you believe??
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    Boulder Super Market shooting..

    lolololol so quickly you run your mouth with absolutely nothing to back up your comment. If you only knew. Yet when given the opportunity you took a selective service deferement that noone can even explain rather than take up arms. Reminds me of Cassius Clay.
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    Boulder Super Market shooting..

    Are you saying that YOU are one of those "violent wackos"??
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    Feeding corn with weevils

    Not going to have much feed value if its heavily infested and been so for quite a while. Weevils have already eaten the good part of it. won't hurt anything either.
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    Cattle Tubs

    Deer will and do eat them. Just not very much at any one time.
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    Covid - good news

    Oh yeah he was alert and active. And not knowing all the details it's possible he could have requested the treatment. Just does't sound like something he would have done.
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    Covid - good news

    Dave my 97 year old uncle passed away last year a couple of months after going thru the rigors of radiation and chemotherapy. Didn't ask what genius made the decision to give the treatments.
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    Get Ready

    As As I said, the bank used your vanity to get paid off. They didn’t care who wrote the check. They had a loan with most of the collateral missing. They won, got a low rate loan off the books and you probably removed some high interest money. Insurance check should have been made payable to...
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    Side effects of Covid-19 injection

    Oh mercy. Lmbo. Dealing with bad asses like you was the highlight