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    Curs on cattle

    I run catahoulas here in Kansas on feral hogs mostly in Oklahoma and Missouri. I'm going into blood tracking with my dogs this year hopefully and I have considered getting them started on cattle. They are head dogs mainly. Their job is to keep the cattle from running off while you walk or ride...
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    Go home dog

    I'm surprised the hound is staying around because hounds typically don't have a homing beacon and that's why the hunters keep gps collars on them when they're being hunted.
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    ? about care of dog close to having pups.

    I built an indoor whelping pen while my catahoula was giving birth in the kiddie swimming pool then when she was all done, I moved 14 pups to the whelping pen and not have had an issue then when the pups were 4 weeks old and starting to get weaned, they got moved to the outdoor kennel and they...
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    Catahoula Leopard

    Found a few starring blackmouth curs but haven't found a decent one for catahoulas: A very good example of a cow charging a dog: Decent video of a catahoula working...
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    Catahoula Leopard

    I can understand why you would think that. :D truth is if you know the history of the catahoula and the blackmouth cur (remarkably similar background except they were developed in different parts of the country) that they evolved to herd wild (feral) cattle without biting them too...
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    Catahoula Leopard

    Catahoulas can be good pets if you know how to manage them. My catahoula isn't my first one. Main key is to keep them exercised good and train them to do mental exercises (obedience...after you exercise them, they listen better). I've even considered buying a dog treadmill for the long dreary...
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    oklahoma or kansas relocation advice

    I live in Wichita, KS. Winters aren't too bad. We tend to have a few blizzards....snow stays on the ground for 1-4 days and melts. Western KS has the most severe snow. Eastern KS..depending on where is on and off. Central KS really isn't that bad winterwise...this is coming for a Texas boy who...
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    Catahoula Leopard

    Brute23, I only had this red blue lacy..his pic is the bright yellow one lying on the floor. That dog got hit by a car so had to retire him due to a metal pin in his leg...slowed him down big time. He lives with the in laws now. I, now, have a catahoula that works hogs. I'm trying to find...
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    Bella's Puppies

    When I was breeding and raising pups, I always started trimming the puppies' nails at 2 weeks then every 2 weeks because they would grow so fast and injure the mom. Some of them would wean the pups really early because of that.
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    Dog Fight!

    Best combo is female/male. Male/male or female/female combos will tend to have lots of fighting going on. Just been that way and is worse in certain breeds.
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    training a pup cattle dog

    Whomever thinks a pup would show interest at 3 months old is not experienced with cow dogs. Some dogs don't turn on til a year old..some earlier. Mine didn't til he was 10 months old then it was like *wham!* he started getting interested. My dog is a catahoula and he works hogs. I'm hoping to...
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    Get the lab neutered and buy a registered catahoula male from working bloodlines. A good catahoula worth his salt will be dog aggressive to strange dogs approaching his/her terriority and the dog should attempt to kill/drive away any interlopers.
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    Try catahoulas. They're less prone to being aggressive to people but still good guard dogs and lots of natural instinct for them to herd. They herd differently than heelers so keep that in mind. I know of several breeders in Oklahoma. I like heelers but don't like dogs that can't get along with...
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    training cattle dogs with aids, bb guns et al

    Culling can also mean neuter/spay before giving them away.
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    training cattle dogs with aids, bb guns et al

    To be honest, lots of catahoula folks use BB pellets to get their dogs to call off because simply it's the best way for them to teach their dogs because catahoulas are used often on very feral cattle and catahoula people value the hardheadness that the catahoula breed can possess. Many times...