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    Skunkology ?

    @Stocker Steve I'm going with old, male skunk. We've had some around here and they're generally larger & fat.
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    Skunkology ?

    There is nothing that will get rid of the smell. Same with putrefied carcass, turkey poo & dead fish. Gotta love a Lab! Best I've done is Dawn dishwashing soap (regular blue) with peroxide & baking soda. BUT anytime they subsequently get wet, the smell reactivates. It's all bad.
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    Spot the difference?

    Shipped some perfectly good cow/calf pairs that were later in the season, just to tighten my calving window. And opens. Maybe no remorse, but it still hurt.
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    Spot the difference?

    A lot of it is tradition. At least around here, the market is better for Spring calves sold in the Fall but we've also done well holding them over until Jan/early Feb the following year (and that's contingent on whether they're turned out on the brome).
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    Multimin supplement

    Yes. Vet has it on file, we just review the number of cattle each year & he faxes it to the Co-Op.
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    Brahma tiger strip

    Just saw this. I suspect by your description, she had a pinched nerve. In my world, I give heifers 2 hours after they go into active labor before I intervene unless there's clearly a problem or no progress. Glad she was able to have it on her own and I'm assuming she's up & being motherly?
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    Spring Calves

    Woah! General is a tank! Beautiful calves - well done!
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    Multimin supplement

    I've never used it. But now I'm intrigued. With the exception of the bulls, every cow & retained heifer was born & raised here, so no issue with not knowing previous history. My herd always has access to loose mineral specifically for our area (made by a local Co-Op), and includes CTC just...
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    Spot the difference?

    How can you possibly predict "good" weather 9 months in advance? I moved calving back from late Jan/early Feb to first week of March. And yet, there's always one that plops out a calf waaaay earlier than anticipated. And the unusual amounts of rain we've had the past few years? And the epic...
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    Banding Problem?

    Thanks for the follow up. Working the calves & banding in 9 days. Generally reserve the tri bander for the larger bull calves but I've never made the comparison. They're all getting it this time.
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    Couple of Questions on Bottle Babies

    Speaking of pics:
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    Couple of Questions on Bottle Babies

    Depends on the type & severity of scours in my world. Generally electrolytes will do the trick, sometimes Tri Pectate charcoal boluses. But if it's really runny, smells vile & the calf is clearly not feeling well I give electrolytes and Sustain III Calf Boluses. What types of vaccinations &...
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    To sell or not to sell

    I don't care how good of a calf they raise if they're a jumper or if they have attitude. How much are you going to make off that calf? Will it cover your hospital bill? Or the potential liability? Trailer.
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    Preparing for calving.

    Yes! What @Dsth said. I calve out my heifers at the barn. Last time one had to be pulled was 4 years ago with my Oops Baby. Had the vet out, fearing a C-section, but fortunately didn't need the chute.