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  1. TCRanch

    Fall is in the air

    Rained all day yesterday & major t-storm last night. Waiting for daylight to see if there's any damage. And yup, BFF just finished planting their winter wheat.
  2. TCRanch

    Cows for Sale?

    @fnfarms1 Not sure how far south you are but Winfield just posted 62 older bred cows as early consignments for today's sale. But define "older". You can watch the sale online.
  3. TCRanch

    I wonder what the story is?

    Have you done a search for subterranean structures in your area? What does it look like inside? This Flint Hills subterranean structure is about 50 yards from the house. Quality time on Google revealed a wealth of information. Who knew? Take Shelter (flinthillshelters.com)
  4. TCRanch

    Cows for Sale?

    Might want to call you nearest sale barn and see if there are any dispersal sales coming up. There were 2 here last week and most were very nice looking cows, the majority bred.
  5. TCRanch

    Bottle calf! Some say I'm crazy...

    We had a couple on a small, flatbed trailer we used during the 3 year drought. Pumped water from the lake into each one & hauled it to the pastures without wells. Finally broke down and bought a 1000 gallon tank (which, fortunately, haven't had to use in 4 years).
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    Woah!!! That's gonna make a nice mount! Well done, young man.

    Woah!!! That's gonna make a nice mount! Well done, young man.
  7. TCRanch

    Timing to allow weaned calves back with ma's

    The following link should be helpful as far as whether or not it could possibly cause abortion. And, BTW, the dam in my situation has shown no signs and I was eventually able to wean her calf - again. But absolutely agree with @Dsth about putting the calves back with the dams. I just wouldn't...
  8. TCRanch

    Sold my first group of cattle.

    You think genetic or a fluke? Dams 3rd calf and I have a lot of that lineage. First time I've ever had a stumpy little thing like that.
  9. TCRanch

    Sold my first group of cattle.

    I should have clarified: the same buyer at the sale barn purchases all my calves. Or rather 99% of them. This private treaty sale is a friend of a friend that approached me because they're familiar with my herd. I did sell all my other calves yesterday and my avg. 605# steers brought 161.50...
  10. TCRanch

    Sold my first group of cattle.

    The prices are based on the local sale results the day they came out to see them and the following week. Bred cows were down the second week, calves were up. I priced on the average at the high end because the same buyer always purchases my calves and they consistently do well. These calves...
  11. TCRanch

    Sold my first group of cattle.

    I'm selling a couple bred cows for $1350 each, private treaty, based on the average of the last 2 weeks sales in Winfield (south central KS). One is almost 6 and probably 1400 lbs, the other almost 7 and a solid 1600 lbs. Also selling them 3 steers: 500 lbs @1.87/$935, 600 lbs @1.635/$981 and...
  12. TCRanch

    Active Oil/Gas Wells on Prospective Property - TX

    At least around here, aesthetically, it really isn't a big deal - they're all over. Mineral rights were transferred when we purchased the ranch & we were able to negotiate the lease; we have final say when, where & if another well is drilled. @tater74 has some good advise. I'm assuming the...
  13. TCRanch

    Ear Tagging

    No. Plus, they kept breaking off. Easier for me to spray them. Neighbor to the north puts them in around April, doesn't spray (doesn't even vaccinate half the time) and his cows are covered - and, of course, they end up over here.
  14. TCRanch

    Current price trends?

    Good luck! Pretty thin around me but the quail are coming back.
  15. TCRanch

    Current price trends?

    I haven't seen BRCW on any I've sold. You said she was older, maybe broken mouth? They do preg check most of them unless they're clearly a canner. Most of them will have P1, P2 or P3 (for trimester) written on their hip. Even if you guarantee-open heifer calves, they preg check. I sold a 13...