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    Right approach?

    This is a little old, but doesn't this sound like a lotta input (labor, and feed, maybe not cost) for 550lbs calves. Dont know the quality of your hay but free choice hay through calving and weaning alone, would seem to produce those calves, especially with your breeding. Just seems with your...
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    $100 semen

    Really dissappointed me when hereford breeders doubled or better the price of semen on non-cert bulls the whole point of non-cert bulls was to increase the use of that bull (young unproven bulls, or breeders without popularity, to say). Makes it pointless to use a non-cert bull at $100 a straw...
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    Texas and others weather

    What's the pasture situation and conditions like in Texas and others drought areas? Have heard different reports. One says the better and improving and the other says dry and for a while.
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    What Would You Do?

    Get with your local feed dealer. Usually the fiber in the stemy stuff is too high and they wont digest it well. Some protien blocks and tubs are designed to help them brake down the fiber and ingest more of the stemy stuff. The blocks I use run $8/hd/month I graze stems this time of year, the...
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    Horse slaughter

    extreamly over populated with wild horses and not just them. No one wants to adopt them and no where to take them. What happend to the previous plants? I believe texas has a state law banning horse slaughter. There are 4-5 states that have passed there own laws banning horse slaughter.
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    Horse slaughter

    Preventing Horse slaughter was a bill that stopped all funding for USDA inspection of slaughter plants. The tribes have long been able to slaughter but not being USDA inspected they have no where to sell the meat. Just prior to thanksgiving congress passed the same bill but pulled the stop of...
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    Horse slaughter

    No one has commented on the new changes in horse slaughter. Looks like indians are ready for a plant. Who ever takes the risk to open a plant will be rolling in money as long a thing dont get shut down by September. Yakima tribe (my grandmother is a enrolled trible member) has huge issues, along...
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    Whats it take

    What kinda hp does it take to run a 3x3 or 3x4 baler?
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    SHF wonder video included

    I once made a comments about fleshieness of cattle and there pics and many of you critizied me. Now your all critizing this bull collectively on his fleshieness. These foroms get to be a joke.
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    Chris Ledoux

    Ranch Reata Radio on the internet and Brenn Hill. Brenn Hill does a free concert here in whitehall every year to support cancer funds. Only artist I would put on the same level as Chris Ledoux is Brenn Hill.
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    Feed Mixers

    Any home made feed mixers out there? My summer project, I pick up a 62 FWD plow truck gonna turn it into a feed mixer.
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    Donor Production

    Did you see a drop in embroys/flush the first time or just chose five flushes?
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    Donor Production

    I havn't flushed befor. I was curious if after flushing a donor her production of natural calves was affected at all; or maybe performace? Are they flushed multiple times per heat with an average of 6-12 embroys or an average of 6-12 per flush? Thanks
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    Cow maker ABS Bull?

    Not an ABS bull; but oak hollow from genex is a easy keeping, cow maker.
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    Phenotype, Fancy, or productive.

    For those that choose to stay in the buisness for several years they will see a higher demand for there calves from buyers through reputation of their genetics. True or False?