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    C-Section Baby- Pictures Added

    if the cow is down. It cost you a lot less to feed the calf than paying the vet to do it
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    Question For Longhorn Breeders - Cattle Crushes

    I think ww chute in Oklahoma may make one. have no idea if its any good.Ive never owned a longhorn
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    ALI STAR 250 PET

    i have been told he has plenty of power. I have not used him yet I am trying to talk myself into it . the only problem I see is that 914 produced thousands of good females but only a handfull of good bulls. but on the other hand 250's dam Agatha is the real deal lots of performance. he may be...
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    Some advice on these two bulls for spring A.I. of 2010?

    if you are looking for frame dont go bluegrass i have used him his calves have all the middle you could want but lack in performance. needs to be bred to a true power cow. there are a lot of charolais bulls out there that are good. I have a bull named cool dude his e.p.d.s are just as good as...
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    college football

    i think it will be a good game to tune into 2 hiseman qaurterbacks going head to head
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    college football

    any pics on who will win tonites championship game between ou and florida?