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    week old bull calf

    Thats great, at the sale barn around here a bottle calf goes for under $50. Last set of 2 week old Holstein that ran through sold for $35 each.
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    Skin problem with new cow?

    Thank you, I believe I know what it is now. I looked up ringworms and it didn't look like it so I looked up warts and found a picture that looks just like it. http://coloradodisasterhelp.colostate.e ... Bovine.jpg this is what hers looks like just not as bad, Thanks again!
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    Skin problem with new cow?

    Hi, I'm new here and had a question for ya'll, Great site btw. I bought a young heifer at a livestock auction a couple of weekends ago. When I first got her I noticed something on her neck and above her eye that I thought (and my husband) was dry mud. The next day I notice it was not mud but...