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    Murray Grey calves

    I envy you the grass and temperate weather. If the Govt was not so socialist I would be tempted to migrate. :|
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    That thing requires a lot of information.Big Brother again...Personally, I don't think it is any of their business. :mad:
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    Some things are better left unimproved.

    Look out......you will be accused of being "political".
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    Registered Jerseys

    I don't havea clue...but I would like to find a nice guernsey heifer myself. ;-)
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    Cow acting strange

    Maybe she just has an antisocial personality.How long have they all been together? I have one cow that sometimes will do that,hang back to see what is going to happen rather than stay with the other girls. :cboy:
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    Recent cattle deaths

    First thing is to find another vet, failing in that,contact the state vet for help, or the local extension agent, or NRCS.They can help you possibly identify toxic weeds you may have in your pasture (if any are left),you may have some source of toxic waste depending where you are at,or some...
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    Be smart and alert

    Any IN her overalls? Sorry, could not resist. :shock: :D :D
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    dragging dead cow

    Agreed,I have seen this happen.
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    For westerns,you can't beat the Robert Duvall trilogy "Lonesome Dove, Open Range, and Broken Trail"! ;-) :cboy:
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    Set of old bed springs work pretty good too. ;-)
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    Pictures of a new Fence

    Smoooooothhh! You could build fence for me any day! Really looks good! (I would also add the hot wire to keep the girls off of it). :cboy:
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    pic of pulled calf on Christmas Eve

    RC, Get yourself a Murray Grey Bull and reduce or eliminate the need to pull calves,especially on your heifers.! ;-)
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    TV Channel 4 had a prog:

    Yes Lammie,and I am afraid that you are one of them.Islam is the worship of "Allah"...the moon god....hence the moon symbol on their flags,etc.The origin of islam has nothing to do with the Judeo-Christian origins. Do your research.
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    looking for the right breed

    Murray Grey ! :D
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    Vote in USA Today Poll on Second Amendment

    I voted also,it still says 99%....Oh! Crap! now they know who we are!! :shock: