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    Pickups Then and Now

    I miss the days I could back up to the tailgate and sit down. I've grown shorter. Now I have to dang near get a step ladder to get up there!
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    Stupid heifer

    Had one do the same thing a couple of years ago.
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    Buying on the hoof

    He heads to the butcher tomorrow. I'll post up in about 3 to 4 weeks (depending on hanging time) and let you know.
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    Buying on the hoof

    I think breed sometimes has a little to do with it. Some breeds are rangier than others. longhorns for instance. Leaner by genetics. Meat tastes and cooks differently. Not bad, just different. I do believe Finishing is the most influencing factor though. Funny, contrary to auction price...
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    bull meat

    We slaughtered a 12 month old bull last year. (Brangus). Best beef I ever tasted. Maybe not apples to apples with a 3 year old i guess. He was weened late at 9 months and creep fed for 3 months. Hung for 28 days. Butcher decided when to cut/package by the amount of mold on the carcass...
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    Looking At Diesel Trucks

    I just rolled past 242,000 miles on my '13 F350. Bought new and not one issue with drive train or peripherals. I've Hit a deer once and 4 piglets one night so replaced headlight once. (Just needed the lens but you have to buy the whole assembly!) I Change oil regularly about every 7000...
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    Hay Tractor Poll

    Kubota M5 111 Kubota GL 3940
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    Cow behavior question

    I wish mine were like this. I have seen them chase both dogs and coyotes out of a pasture if they get to close to the herd/calves. 4 or 5 cows will chase them all the way to the fence. It's just that 1st 5-7 days that the new momma may have to defend on her own.
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    Cow behavior question

    Maybe it's just the Brangus breed? Seems they do it to most if not all the cows that give birth. They are back with the herd usually within a week. They will investigate the new borns' and allow them to mix with the other calves. It's just the new mommas they push out.
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    Cow behavior question

    They've been together longer they've been at my place. I bought most them as a group a couple of years ago. I haven't had any loses from coyotes but it's a concern for those first few days after birth until they rejoin the herd.
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    Cow behavior question

    Observation, When my cows have a calf, the other cows don't let her group with the herd. if she gets too close, they push her out. Let her rejoin in about 5 days to a week. My cows are Brangus. Is this normal for all breeds? Any thoughts on why they do this?
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    For better or worse

    Nice Start! Congrats!
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    Heifer/bull twins

    Had the same thing happen in my herd. The twins are healthy but were born smaller and are growing slower than the other calves born this year. Mother has plenty of milk. Like the other responses, I've been told the heifer will likely be a "free martin" - sterile. Don't think I'll keep either...
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    Heifer/Bull ratios

    I've had 4 heifers to 7 bulls. One set of bull/heifer twins - both small but healthy. Had to pull one dead heifer calf to a 1st timer. Not my favorite day.
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    Never had that happen..

    You could take her to Walmart....................................... The largest re-tailer in the world. :tiphat: