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  1. spinandslide

    Setting your goal in the beef cattle industry.

    Year round calving would be to stressful for me..I need afew months to "decompress" before doing it again.. My goal is to suppliment my "real" income, keep the ag-exemption on the place, and show my kiddo (and any other kids whose parents I know) where their food actually comes from.. Oh and...
  2. spinandslide

    Can I buy cows if I have a full time job?

    Echoing others... Most folks have a full time job AND cattle on this board.. As has been said..cattle dont know you have a job..Ive had to run home a time or two due to a cow related problem..or a sheep problem..luckily, my boss is from a ranching family and understands..he even let me bring a...
  3. spinandslide

    My New Horse

    Ala, a friend of mine shows halter horses..when they are old enough to be ridden, her husband breaks them out and ropes off of them..he says nothing takes a jerk like they do..:) Touch of class was a hell of a mare..Makes me think back on all those awesome horses back when I was younger..Gem...
  4. spinandslide

    Competitive Trail Riding Clinic

    familar with EXCA..friend of mine is the top woman rider in the assoc.. the extreme races are abit different..as the style on which you execute the obstacle isnt judged..its just if ya did it and you are timed..CTR's arent timed..
  5. spinandslide

    Competitive Trail Riding Clinic

    Attended this clinic last weekend and boy was it fun! sponsered by NCTHA..National Competitive Trail Horse Assoc. CT is ridden over a marked course/trail..with judges at each obstacle to judge how well the horse and rider negotiate the question...with different divisions based on the horse and...
  6. spinandslide

    My New Horse

    Nice Mare! you've missed out..Abdullah was one heck of a horse..when I was young..and crazy..and rode event horses..I looked at a son of his as a prospect.. http://www.sporthorse-breeder.com/Stall ... ullah.html
  7. spinandslide

    First Brahman Calf of the year

    you may have to weigh her down, with those ears, she may fly away..;)
  8. spinandslide

    should I market him as a 4H project steer?

    agree..he is a good lookin' fella!
  9. spinandslide

    Army Worms

    Typicial..we get a break and have loads of green grass..and the damn worms come out..:(
  10. spinandslide

    Brahman x Holstein Pictures

    Like these calves! See what you were talking about with my speckeled brangus..if you remember that thread abit of aways back?
  11. spinandslide

    Butcher calf or calves?

    IME-Most cattle are happier and you will experience less stress if they are with another of their kind. if your area supports it, get two, and has been said, sell one and butcher one.
  12. spinandslide

    Day in the Life...

    Wonder if my husband checks out the board??? that will dictate my answer.. ;-) He gets a bath after he does that..he is the squeakiest clean dog in the county as many baths as he gets..
  13. spinandslide

    my first calf born from my cows.

    Id rather have a low BW calf off of a heifer..Im watching the gain. Had one off of a young heifer last year..he's making a trip to town next week..he turned out very good, despite his smaller size when born..
  14. spinandslide

    Jersey Bull calf

    When my bottle calf got ill..and I am talking rack of bones, death's door, all sane people would have given up sick..I dosed her with Corrid, BioSponge, and God..Im having a moment..an antibotic my vet gave me, with raised eyebrows and a headshake..She also got IV fluids..I pulled her outta it...
  15. spinandslide

    Jersey Bull calf

    Good Dog Buddy!!!