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    New red angus heifer!

    She is, she’s bred to a leachman red angus bull named SSR Control.
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    New red angus heifer!

    Thanks! She’s about 16 months old.
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    New red angus heifer!

    Bought this heifer today in a partnership. I’m hoping she’s going to be a start to a red balancer line for me.
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    1/16 sale

    Sold some last week. Bulls avg. 720 pounds brought 1.05 Heifers avg. 658 brought 1.05 also
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    Uh oh!

    Young bulls are STUPID!!!
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    New heifer!

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    New heifer!

    Hoping to get her home in a few days. She’s a purebred Gelbvieh, going to breed her to my Gelbvieh bull for her first calf next fall! Super excited about her.
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    % of bulls vs heifers from ET

    Limited ET work here, but so far 100% bulls.
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    Feeding hay

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    Soybean hay issues?

    Have you ever looked at Sunn Hemp? I think I’m gonna try a bit this year with my Sorghum Sudan.
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    Soybean hay issues?

    Silver, they didn’t narrow it down to what would affect the rumen bugs. I suspect they may have been talking about the issues with feeding the whole beans like Buck was saying, but I’m not sure.
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    Soybean hay issues?

    So I’m thinking of adding soybeans to my summer mix that I plant for baleage. I’ve been told not to plant the soybeans as they can cause issues with the cattle, something about messing with the bugs in the rumen. Anyone have any more info on this?
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    New breeding season

    I used Counselor’s sire (Connealy Counselor), had a really nice heifer calf out of him. I sold her, and regretted that.
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    Bull for discussion.

    Thought I throw in a pic of one of the black bulls sons. Does this calf sway y’all’s opinion any?
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    Bull for discussion.

    Thank you very much for this post!