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    Cow/Calf Showing Tips

    Keep the calf out of the way of the cow when showing them together. You want the judge to get a good look of the cow and her udder. So make sure the person walking the calf knows what they are doing so they don't let the calf get in the way.
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    "leasing" a show Heifer

    We have done this in the past just make sure that if the heifer stays at their palce that they will take excellent care of your heifer. We let a family lease a heifer for their daughter to show and they did a terriable job of feeding her. After that we keep the heifer at our place and have the...
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    Fitting Steers for show

    A blower is a must. Rinse every day and the blow them out. Make sure all the hair is going forward and when you blow dry start at the backend blowing the hair forward. Try not let the hair go all over the place. As far as products theres a lot of stuff you can use and the best thing is try to...
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    Starting Age in Your String

    We usually start at around 5-6months old. I like to start when they are young because it is so much easier.
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    what do you think of my show heifer

    If you don't like "show cattle" why get on a board that is titled show board? I like your heifer she looks real good and I am sure she will do just fine in the "real" pasture environment. We have pleanty of old show heifers who live in the "real" pasture environment and do just as well as any...
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    sheep head for clipping heads

    For doing the face use a medium blending blade then go over it with a T-84 blade.
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    I've been ordering from for several years no and have never had a problem. The ship out your order right away and their prices a great! Highly recomend them!!! :nod:
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    Shorthorn steers.

    My daughter has raised several shorthorn steers and we have never had a problem finishing one out. This year she has a steer out of Radioactive and he gains GREAT. He is 12months old and weighs 1035.
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    First of all I don't think most people are trying to raise calves with genetic faults and great hair. I know that when we bred our cows my goal is to have a calf that is perfect but there is no such thing. The bull calves that have some issues will become steers that way they are not breeding...
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    show heifer

    She looks like she will make a good show heifer. Who is she out of?
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    Prospect steer question?

    We live in south Florida and it is hot and humid all year. Last year it was so hot even in the winter months that we had a hard time with weight. This year we are having lots of rain so it is a little cooler so the steers have been gaining real good. When ever we buy calves from Ok. they are...
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    Prospect steer question?

    Our steers will never see 1400-1500lbs and have to be shrunk down. I will feed them straight though and they will come in where they need to be. We have won the carcass contest before. Our calves get hauled around a LOT and our climiate stays hot year round so they don't gian as well as cattle...
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    Prospect steer question?

    My daughter's steer is weighing a little over 850 and our fair is the first week of March. He's right were we want him right now he needs to be about 1275 by March. I would rather be a little bit on the heavy side now because my daughter will be hauling her steer a lot because she does a lot of...
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    Is this steer underweight?OPINIONS

    First of all $800 for a calf that is 850lbs is a good deal. That's a little over a dollar a pound. So I don't think you over paid. Your rate of gain is not what it should be. You should average at between 2-3lbs a day. What are you feeding your steer? How much are you feeding him. Is he kept in...
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    Brands - Show Feeds

    We feed Showmaster and have been very happy with it. We use to have our own feed mixed but it was never consistant and sometimes the calves would eat and other times they would leave most of it. So this year we switched to Showmaster and all the calves clean their dishes.