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    WS Beefmaker

    If I'm correct you managed to find a couple of Simmi's in Utah. How is the Invasion heifer coming along? I'll have to stop by some time and see her. I like Beefmaker, I've thought about using him on a red cow we have. The only question I have for you is do you want the red gene in the herd...
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    WS Beefmaker

    Bertch What state are you in?
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    Bull Evaluation

    I used Triple C Reymond and was really impressed with the bull calf we got from a first calf heifer. BW was 80, most of our BW's are in the 85 to 95 range. WW was 780 and YW was 1230. From weaning on he really showed great musle expression and was structurally correct. I sold him to a local...
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    Simme Valley Macho As U

    no, do you know if he is a simmental breeder or other?
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    Simme Valley Macho As U

    Jeanne I just recieved my Register(Simmental Magazine) and I noticed your full page ad. The ad looks good as does Macho. Nice job
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    Simmental in Arizona

    A Simmental breeder in your area is R&R Agrotech, Ray Rodriguez (520-743-7127).