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    Tennessee Beef Agribition Jr. Show

    I need some info about this show. How old do you have to be to show? What weight are the steers? Are there weigh backs on the steers? ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!
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    Hiring a show crew

    I find it hard to believe that you can't find anyone to show for you. I have two children that are excellent showmen and work thier cattle extremely hard. We have a hard time finding high quaility cattle that are affordable/available. My husband and I have often wondered why breeders will put...
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    ?'s on butcher hog

    My kids raise and sell 4-H hogs. We also put ours in the freezer! 1. I don't know the ratio, but we get more than 90 lbs of meat from a 250 lb market hogs. 2. We butcher our hogs between 250-300 lbs. Most hogs are this weight when they are shown in a county fair. 3. A good slaughter house...
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    do you have...

    Yes, and hope to always have it. I work for insurance primarily and pay second! I have an HMO and love it. It is the cheaper plan, but pays the best of all the ones offered by my employer.
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    How many shows?

    We've been doing around 25 between cows and hogs. We may have to slow down this year. It's hard to manage a two year old at pig shows! :lol: Does anyone know of any shows in FL or SC?
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    kudzu? why not?

    Kudzu is very invasive and takes over anything in its path. It is a great food for goats, but will quickly get out of control and over run pastures and even buildings. Kudzu was actually brought to the US to help control erosion. It is not native and should not be planted. The USDA has it listed...
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    How many shows?

    How many shows do you typically go to in a season?
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    Showing young calves?

    I don't know what the weather is like where you live, but it is 90-100 everyday here. We have had heat indexes over 110. I wouldn't risk taking a calf out that young with heat like we have had here. However, if it's cooler and the calf and mom well, you may want to go. What are the facilities...
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    What's your Breed ?

    Simmental- Excellent Disposition, good milkers, good mothers, heat tolerant!
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    Getting Good Hair - HELP

    The angus that I see (GEORGIA) are usually slick sheared this time of year. Rinse your calf twice a day (AM and PM) :D . Rinse for at least 10 minutes. This should cool the hide and help her eat more. Brush the hair forward and put her under a fan. Don't worry about blow drying everyday. HOPE...
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    What Breed Magazines do you read?

    The Register Georgia Cattlemen
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    Take a guess at the cost...The Rest of the Story

    It's a school, so technically they are practicing on your heifer. Usually schools are cheaper. DRAXXIN was $300 a bottle the last time I bought it. So I'd say $50 for the two shots and $50 for other supplies such as sutures, etc.. They'll probably charge you for boarding too. My guess is $250...
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    In Dew Time

    There are some pictures of show heifers from him in the most recent edition of the Register. Look in the show circuit pages.
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    F-250 vibration

    My hubby has had the same problem. Two solutions: 1. There's a soleniod that works that auto locking hubs. Have them check this. We despise auto locks b/c the 1st F250 that we had did this MANY times.... 2. HUBS! We have replaced his twice for the same thing. We replaced them at 100K and 180K...
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    How's it looking ... Weatherwise

    The floodgates just opened here. It is pouring and lightning. AND... Some IDIOT/DRUNK left the gate open. So, I had to go out in the rain to close it. Guess what? The chain that keeps the gate closed was gone, too. So I had to go back to the truck and find some string to tie around it. I am wet...